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Customise your own Avaya IP Office Auto Attendant with Voicemail Pro Client

Auto Attendant is the ability of a phone system to present users with options and control call handling.  The Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition Voicemail Pro takes it so much further.  Avays understands the needs of call centres and larger corporations that need to be able to customise advanced call flows themselves whenever they need… Read more »

Avaya IP Office 500 Voicemail Pro vs. Voicemail Lite

Voicemail is one of the greatest tools employed on modern phone systems like the Avaya IP500 Office pbx.  It allows callers to leave detailed messages.  These voice mail messages can be retrieved at any Avaya handset or even sent to a users email inbox.  This way they can get messages no matter where they are…. Read more »

Avaya Flare – Simply Incredible For Staff on The Move

The Avaya Flare® works with you iPAD, your laptop or any Android device.  It is easy to use and simply brilliant.  The Avaya Flare application literally puts your phone system in front of you anywhere you have fast internet – wi-fi cafe, airport or simply on the go. With the Avaya Flare application you have… Read more »

How You Can Customise The Avaya Soft Console to Your Needs

The Avaya IP 500 pbx has a SoftConsole option.  This is a sophisticated virtual attendant that sites on a receptionist PC.  The Avaya Soft Console is incredibly effective and intelligent.  For busy receptionists having a PC attendant is more efficient and quicker than using the handset.  It allows users to answer, park and transfer calls… Read more »

Unlocking the Hidden Productivity of Your Small Business

For small businesses, the phenomenon that began as telecommuting, like all “buzz words” evolved into “telework“, and is now best described as “distributed work“, “mobile work”, or in some environments “just everyday work”. The key distinction here is that telework is achieved independent of location, away from the corporate headquarters: at home, a hotel, a… Read more »

Avaya IP Office CTI and working with TAPI 2.1 and TAPI 3.0

Microsoft TAPI 2.1 and 3.0 are simply open specifications and developers interfaces for controlling and monitoring a telephone system (Avaya IP Office phone system for example).  TAPI is simply the common language protocol they use.  TAPI allows your Avaya phone system to talk with computer applications that are running TAPI TAPI 2.1 and TAPI 3.0… Read more »

Small Business Phone Systems Explained

Small business phone systems are usually defined as 4-15 handsets.   Many owners think their requirements are very different from larger companies, but that’s not the case.  In fact, many of the latest technologies designed to answer the needs of multinationals have become successfully and widely adopted in small businesses phone systems, which you can see… Read more »

How do Phone Systems for Business Work?

Many customers have no idea how phone systems for business actually work so we thought we’d take the time to explain it. The brains of the operation: First, there is the main equipment.  This is also referred to as the switch, pabx, pbx or IP pbx – depending on the technology it is designed to… Read more »