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7 Easy Ways To Prevent Phone System Hacking

In Australia over the last few years there has been an increase in pabx hacking and it can be a massive problem that could leave you $1000’s of dollars out of pocket.  Phone system hacking is typically instigated by overseas scumbags (and I use this word lightly) that are exploiting well known weaknesses in phone… Read more »

Phone System Maintenance Contracts – Are They Worth It?

Phone system maintenance is one of the most misunderstood components of buying a new office phone system.  Fundamentally, it protects you when something goes wrong.  But isn’t that what a warranty is for?  Actually no.  Most manufacturer phone system warranties cover you for parts, not the technical labour to come out, diagnose, replace the part… Read more »

Business Phone Systems Brisbane and Telecommunications Service

Infiniti has been installing and servicing business phone systems in Brisbane for the past 8 years.  With a large range of leading brands, everyday low pricing and qualified experienced technicians, Infiniti is the smart choice for your phone system in Brisbane and the greater metropolitan area. Being a telecommunications services company our technicians install business… Read more »

How Much Does A Phone System Cost?

Most customers have no idea how much a telephone system costs – do you?  Sorry to complicate this but it’s not exactly formulaic.  Calculating the cost of a phone system comes down to various components: How many phone lines are you connecting? What type of phone lines? How many handsets? Which phone system brand? What… Read more »

Are You Getting Ripped Off On Your Commander Phones?

It’s staggering to know how many customers are still renting their commander phones even though their rental contract has long since expired. The ironic thing is the phone systems in question have been well and truly paid off. Most rental contracts are 48 or 60 months on commander phones. At the end of the rental… Read more »

What Makes A Good Phone Technician?

Over the years we’ve employed lots of phone technicians and the difference between good, bad and average is quite astounding.  In our industry good telecommunications technicians are worth their weight in gold (well silver at least).  Fixing a phone system is not the hardest thing in the world but the one thing an average phone… Read more »