Monthly Archives: August 2016

What happens When Your Phone System Fails?

How to make sure you’re backed up Your phone system is the heart of your company’s infrastructure. It connects you with your clients and suppliers, and also gives your employees a way to stay in touch. Communication is key in business, and your phone system is what keeps everything running like clockwork. But have you… Read more »

5 Key Differences Between VoIP and SIP

It’s a question we’re often asked, “What’s the difference between VoIP and SIP?” Both are technologies that have revolutionized the way we communicate every day, even if we don’t know it. But when it comes to your office phone solution, which one is the better choice? Here, we’ll explain what they are, how they work,… Read more »

Get Ready For The Switch With An NBN Ready Audit

Make sure your business is prepared for the changes that lay ahead The NBN is slowly making it’s way to more and more Australian businesses every day. With promises of reliable service and high download speeds, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your internet service is all that will be affected by the roll-out. The… Read more »