Depending on where you are located across the country, adjusting for daylight saving or any other time change can become a hassle. We’ve put this short reference guide together to make changing the time on your phone system and handsets as easy as possible.

Simply scroll down to find your phone system from the list of most popular brands; and follow the instructions.

Yealink Handsets

If you have a SpringCom Yealink handset, you do not need to change any setting. The time on these handsets will automatically update when the clocks change.

Alcatel Phone System:

  1. Adjusting the time on an Alcatel must be done on the 4039 model receptionist/admin handset
  2. Scroll left to ‘Menu’
  3. Select ‘Operator’
  4. Enter ‘Operator Password’ (default “help1954”)
  5. Select ‘Clock’
  6. Scroll past the date and retype the correct time
  7. Once the correct details are entered press ‘Ok’
  8. Press the silver backspace button (next to F1) to return to main screen

Avaya Phone Systems:

  1. From the Admin/Receptionist handset, select ‘Features’ from the menu
  2. Scroll down to ‘Phone User’, then press OK.
  3. Scroll down to ‘System admin’, then press OK.
  4. Scroll down to ‘System Time’, then press OK. The time format must be in HH:MM. The colon is added by pressing the star key. (You will know you it’s been entered in the correct format as ‘Done’ will appear on the screen).
  5. Then click the ‘Done’ button.
  6. Then just pick up the handset to exit from the menu.

Commander Phone Systems:

  1. From extension 20, scroll down to ‘Program
  2. select ‘system programming
  3. Enter password ‘1111’
  4. select ‘System’
  5. select ‘Time and Date’
  6. Change time HHMM
  7. Pickup and drop handpiece to exit programming

Ericsson-LG iPECS & eMG 80 Phone Systems:

  1. Setting or changing the Time and Date on the Ipecs/EMG80 Phone system must be done from the Attendant station
  2. You must enter the Date and the Time, you cannot change just the Time
  3. Press Trans/PGM button
  4. Press digits 0 4 1
  5. Enter Date in the format MMDDYY (Eg: 032414 is 24th Mar 2014)
    (NOTE:Screen will not change)
  6. Press Hold/Save button (display doesn’t change yet)
  7. Enter Time in 24 hour format (Eg: 1730 is 5:30pm)
    (NOTE:Screen will not change)
  8. Press Hold/Save button

LG Aria 24 Phone Systems:

Must be done from the Attendant Handset

Press Trans/Program button:
  1. Press digits 0 4 1
  2. Press Hold/Save when screen reads
  3. “Set Date and Time
  4. Date(MM/DD/YY)?”
  5. Enter Time in 24 hour format (Eg: 1730 is 5:30pm)
  6. (NOTE:Screen will not change while typing)
  7. Press Hold/Save button