The new Alcatel Lucent Open Touch Suite for SME is finally here.  In the words of Alcatel, customer satisfaction is not just about the quality and value of your products and services. It is also about how quickly clients, partners and suppliers can reach you, how well they are greeted, and how long they need to stay online to have their questions answered.

Employee productivity increases when you can reach the right people at the right time on the right device. It increases when you eliminate time-wasters, such as missed calls and unnecessary travel. Productivity also improves when you enable new capabilities, such as working with remote and virtual teams, staying connected while traveling, or simply working from home.

Controlling costs is not just about getting a solid return on investment (ROI ). It is also about managing expenditures, especially communications expenses, in a way that suits your budget and your organizational structure.

Alcatel-Lucent Open Touch Suite can help you interconnect your people, their knowledge and your communications network so you can focus on growing your business.

Turn First Contacts Into Repeat business

Satisfied customers generate repeat business, and effective communications can dramatically raise your level of service.ensure that you handle incoming inquiries professionally with an efficient greeting system that welcomes clients by name and rapidly refers them to the right salesperson.

Deploy a phone system that allows you to quickly set up conference calls and reach your technicians, sales representatives, consultants and delivery staff anywhere, at any time.

Increase Productivity And Motivation

Help your staff to share their knowledge easily and in real time or to work from home while enjoying full, secure access to company information.enable seamless communications so staff can leave the building while they are on a call. Maintain a single directory for your e-mail, mobile and office phone.

Unchain Your Staff From Their Desks With Wireless Phones & Headsets

Enable access to fixed and mobile phones with a single number. These time-savers simplify communications and increase productivity, and your result is a more efficient and cost-effective organization.

 Make Your Newtork More Costs Effective And Secure

As an SMB, you have no time to waste on infrastructure management. You need a secure, always-on communications network that is competitively priced, low-risk and easy to manage.

Whether your workforce is growing rapidly or you are thinking of opening a new office or another warehouse, your communications network must be flexible, scalable and able to evolve with your changing needs. It should optimize your spending on a daily basis to help you generate immediate savings. The network should help you become more agile so you can quickly and easily adapt to changes in your market. Alcatel-lucent offers integrated communications solutions that include business-class traditional and ip telephony, secure e-mail and internet, and shared access to agendas, directories, files and folders. Rely on alcatel-lucent to build your network while you build for the future.

The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SMB portfolio includes a wide variety of robust handsets combined with rich voice/data collaboration and mobility solutions specifically tailored to meet SME needs.

The portfolio is reliable, open and standards-based. Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SME is modular at every level — from communication suites and software licenses to communication servers and networking infrastructure that meet customers’ exact requirements. You can buy the portfolio with a hardware warranty and a variety of services, evolving from a simple maintenance contract to a complete system with new applications and technology.

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SMB is future-ready, based on a powerful and flexible IP communication server, Omni PCX Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) using standard protocols and offering a number of powerful features.

Efficient Communications

The professional desktop alcatel-lucent omniTouch 8082 My IC phone delivers a  multimedia communication experience by bringing together enterprise reliability, security and high-quality audio. The seven-inch wide capacitive touch screen enriches communications and productivity at work. a peer-to-peer video call, as well as dedicated communication services serving the Manager-assistant relationship enriches that SIP device capabilities. The Alcatel-lucent 8002/8012 Deskphones complement the low end of this newly designed phone family.

The state-of-the-art alcatel-lucent ip Touch™ 8 Series phones are fully-featured with integrated IP connectivity and telephony, bringing you the combined power of data and voice over IP. Fast action, easy-to-use feature buttons and interactive soft keys make the phones the ideal focal point for all your business communications. The 9 Series Digital phones provide a professional digital telephony.

The alcatel-lucent PimPhony Softphone, personal communication manager, optimises team performance by greatly reducing response time and eliminating missed calls.

The OmniTouch My IC Web for office is a web-based solution for call handling, which can be used with a standard browser, optimal for off-site use or at home.

Alcatel-lucent My IC Social networks is a Microsoft outlook plug-in that provides the  capability of federating directories, presence information, and interacting with existing social networks within outlook. This converged user interface also provides telephony services from omni PCX Office RCE,unified communication, and an offline mode.

Teamwork And Collaboration

Teams can work together far more easily and increase their productivity when they have better control and the ability to monitor their communications.

  • LifeSize point-to-point HD video communications tools provides an intuitive user interface with a name-based directory, presence, icons and search, so users can easily share presentations
  • LifeSize connection is a cloud-based services that opens new opportunities for SMBs without the need for front-end investments
  • plug-and-play audio conferencing offered with the Alcatel-lucent Omni Touch 4135IP conference phone module allows businesses to reduces costs, particularly travel expenses
  • Alcatel-lucent OmniTouch 8660 My Teamwork office edition offers a combination of audio and web conferencing
  • Alcatel-lucent PIMphony Softphone allows easier supervision of team activities and improves both teamwork and customer satisfaction
  • Alcatel-lucent Omni PCX Office RCE fax Server is a centralised IP fax solution with features designed to help increase employee productivity

Onsite Mobility Solutions

With powerful Alcatel-lucent omniTouch 8118 and 8128 WLAN handsets and a single Wi-Fi infrastructure for voice and data, as well as the DECT family (400 DECT, 500 DECT, 8232 DECT) employees can answer customer calls immediately, wherever they are, reducing costs and saving time with minimized call backs.

Offsite Mobility Solutions

Employees can keep in touch with their business anytime and anywhere, benefiting from a range of offsite mobility services. With the one-number service, employees can use a single professional phone number while on the move and can retrieve business telephony services anywhere, resulting in reduced calling costs.

Employees have easy access to internal and customer contacts as well as Alcatel-Lucent OmniPC X Office RCE services, such as voice mail, call routing and call logs, from any location. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator mobile phone application — specifically designed for Apple® iPhone® and Android® device – can be  quickly implemented to provide businesses with secure and enhanced mobility features.

Combined Voice and Data Infrastructure

IP multisite networking saves communications costs with a single cable supporting a complete plug-and-play infrastructure for voice and data and transparent telephony services — a true end-to- end voice and data combined solution. Remote-site or remote-worker configuration provides full telephony services so employees can always stay in touch using a cost-effective, secured remote connection. With the WLAN/LAN  infrastructures, businesses can enjoy real cost savings with a single infrastructure for voice and data services whether they are powered by Ethernet or not.