At Infiniti Telecommunications we’re always looking for ways to innovate and use technology to make our customers experience more revolutionary.

Our company slogan is ‘Making Communication Easy’ and we’re excited to announce our latest customer service development in line with this mantra.

In All Seriousness.

The promise we made from day one, which we will continue to uphold, is to always keep our customer support in Australia, powered by real humans.

That focus, along with Australia’s first and only Money Back Guarantee, has kept us continuing to strive to have our customers experience be the best in the country.

As mentioned in the video, we know that not every customer in the past has had the experience we want, and we’re working hard to change that across the board.

… and as we continue to make serious and real advances in the customer service we offer, we wanted to take a moment to have a little laugh and poke fun at our industry – and the all too common practice of outsourcing.


Pete Williams
Chief Marketing Office & Co-Founder.