25 March 2020 Update: Telecommunications Network Update

We understand times are very strange and stressful for many businesses; and in an effort to continue to make communication easy for you and your team, here are some important updates to keep you informed and connected to your clients. Carrier + Call Centre Status The ABC reported that a 40% increase in the country’s… Read more »

Work From Home Guide & Call Handling During COVID-19

Last Update: 17 March 2020 In light of the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to provide an update for you and your business’s communication options. Being Remote-Work Ready There are a number of ways your phone system can make the transition to remote-working quick and easy for you and your team (if planned and arranged correctly)…. Read more »

How Businesses are Getting a Free NBN Transition Plan

The NBN is coming – if you haven’t transitioned to the NBN yet, then you surely will soon. Understanding how the NBN can affect your business is confusing enough, so considering how your business will transition from your current situation to the NBN can be even more confusing! At Infiniti Communications we want to help… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Hosted Phone Systems Are Taking Over Australia

Hosted Phone Systems – if you haven’t yet heard of them, you’re certain to soon. Hosted Phone Systems are the technology that thousands of our customers are moving to, and with good reason! Their low cost and ease-of-use, combined with improved internet speeds across Australia, makes Hosted Systems an easy option for companies all over the country. What is… Read more »