5 Reasons Why Hosted Phone Systems Are Taking Over Australia

Hosted Phone Systems – if you haven’t yet heard of them, you’re certain to soon. Hosted Phone Systems are the technology that thousands of our customers are moving to, and with good reason! Their low cost and ease-of-use, combined with improved internet speeds across Australia, makes Hosted Systems an easy option for companies all over the country. What is… Read more »

How To Install A Phone System

In this article, we will go through how to install a phone system. There are different ways to install a phone system. Some users want to save some money and try to install a system themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of problems and complications. Other users have a remote installation process with Hosted… Read more »

Why We Now Offer Unlimited Data

In this article, we will go through why and how we are offering unlimited NBN data for business. Australia has been undergoing a massive change in how we use the internet. To the point, we use a lot more of it. We now use the internet differently. It is no longer for simply searching for… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To NBN Speed Tiers

It’s no surprise to may of us that the NBN can be confusing, particularly when it comes to NBN speed tiers. While your Internet Service Provider (should) ensure your business gets the best speed available, at the end of the day it is NBN Co. who govern the way your NBN is supplied to you,… Read more »