Small Business Phone Systems Explained

Small business phone systems are usually defined as 4-15 handsets.   Many owners think their requirements are very different from larger companies, but that’s not the case.  In fact, many of the latest technologies designed to answer the needs of multinationals have become successfully and widely adopted in small businesses phone systems, which you can see… Read more »

How do Phone Systems for Business Work?

Many customers have no idea how phone systems for business actually work so we thought we’d take the time to explain it. The brains of the operation: First, there is the main equipment.  This is also referred to as the switch, pabx, pbx or IP pbx – depending on the technology it is designed to… Read more »

6 Tips to Buying The Correct Business Phone Handsets

It can be very confusing knowing which business phones to attach to your phone system and most phone companies don’t make it an easier.  We’ve tried to simply the process of buying business phones in a few helpful hints: Table of Contents 1. Expensive Business Phones are Not Always the Best 2. Not All Staff… Read more »

Telephone Systems and VoIP Technology

Modern telephone systems have changed dramatically in the past few years.  With the rapid uptake of VoIP by the general business market, telephone systems are now squarely targeted and designed with this in mind. (You can view the full range of telephone systems available here) So what types of VoIP functionality do telephone systems offer? Basically… Read more »

Phone System Solutions for the Health Care Industry

Telecommunications that enhance your medical practice. No profession needs instant, always- on, reliable communications more than health care. Doctors and other providers who are on call must be reachable—delays are unacceptable. Although accessibility is an important function, today’s telecommunications systems can do much more. With health care costs increasingly, the growing emphasis on technology such… Read more »

Commander Phone – A Phone by Any Other Name

What’s in a name?  You have only to look at the words “Commander Phone” to realise the power of marketing.  Over the last 20 years Commander has spent millions building a brand that has become almost part of the consumer’s vernacular.  Customers call Infiniti for new phone systems, service work or even extra handsets and… Read more »

What’s an IP Phone System? How does it work?

Let’s start with the basics and progress from there.  An IP Phone System is simply a telephone system that allows users to connect both VoIP phone lines and IP handsets.  IP is an acronym to describe “Internet Protocol” and VoIP is simply and extension of this as “Voice over Internet Protocol”.  It means that rather… Read more »

Commander Phone Systems – what are you being quoted?

Much to their credit “Commander phone systems” have become a generic term like “Kleenex” has for tissues. Many customers call and ask for a “commander phone system” quote not realising that it isn’t actually a brand. Commander have always purchased their systems from manufacturers and then relabelled them with the Commander branding. This is why… Read more »

Avaya IP Office Multi-Site Phone System Options

For businesses with multiple office locations, the Avaya IP Office Multi-Site Option provides an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for enabling communications across remote offices, sites and locations. The IP Office Multi-Site option helps staff and team members collaborate with ease – whether in a satellite office on the other side of town, another branch across… Read more »