Doorphone Entry Systems for Avaya IP Office Phone Systems

Doorphones offer convenience and security for any business. Depending on the needs of the environment, digital door stations may allow internal staff to not only speak with someone who is outside, but also to easily allow the visitor to enter to the office, warehouse, facility or residence. Like with any business phone system, digital doorphones can be… Read more »

How Professional Services Firms Are Using Unified Communications to Maximize Success

Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, consultants and other professionals within small and midsize services organisations have always needed the ability to deliver services that will differentiate them from their competitors. In today’s business landscape, the need has taken on a new urgency. To say the current economy is teetering precariously, or that competition between firms… Read more »

A Simple Guide for Maintaining Business Continuity via Telecommunication Solutions

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) operate in a relentlessly challenging environment that continually requires making payroll amid economic uncertainty, finding and retaining top-notch staff, adapting to ever changing technologies, and perhaps most difficult of all — staying competitive in a tough marketplace. The competitive factor is particularly challenging, because it isn’t just about providing the… Read more »

How Effective Communications Can Deliver Real Results for Your Small Business

Today’s new IP-based telephone systems are designed with capabilities small businesses can use to attract more customers, expand operations, streamline routine customer transactions and so much more. Here we look at four key ways any growing business can benefit from today’s new IP-based communications solutions, including taking advantage of built-in cost savings. The New IP-Based… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About The New Avaya IP Office 9.0 Release

With any newly updated Avaya IP Office Release, there are a number of frequently asked questions customers ask in relation to upgrading their old system software, purchasing the new system software and what the differences really are. [For a more general overview on the Avaya Phone System, click here] Here are just some of the more frequently… Read more »

Avaya IP Office Receptionist Suite Overview

If you’re like most small businesses, you receptionists might handle dozens, even hundreds of calls every day, so it’s easy to see how important it is to implement a phone system that allows for efficient call handling. The Avaya IP Office Receptionist solution offers a visual display of incoming calls and call status throughout the entire… Read more »

Phone System Solutions for Wholesalers

As a wholesaler, are you looking for new and creative ways to reduce your costs and deliver the service that makes you stand out to customers in today’s marketplace? Well, Avaya has the answer: the Avaya IP Office Phone System (which you can find more details on here) – is designed with the communications capabilities you need… Read more »

What’s New in the Avaya IP Office 9.0?

Avaya’s IP Office 9.0 was officially released as of September 30th. This latest release continued to evolve the IP Office product and solutions with its focus being to position and strengthen IP Office as a market leader within the small phone system market. With this new release, there are a number key features worth noting: Table… Read more »

Avaya IP Office Case Study: FitFlop

FitFlop is a company which started with just five employees and has rapidly grown into an internationally recognised footwear brand with over 200 staff worldwide. They needed a flexible telephone and communication solution that offered the company the advanced features it needed, and would cost-effectively grow as business boomed. Its older analog solution no longer… Read more »

VoIP Phone Systems – Which Type Is Right For You?

VoIP phone systems are taking over the communications world.  What started as a trickle some 10+ years ago has now turned into a raging torrent of popular demand.  And what’s not to like about them?  The stability issues that plagued VoIP phone systems years ago have been eradicated.  Now you get reliable IP solutions that… Read more »