An Easy Guide to Porting Telephone Numbers

When it comes to phone services, one of the biggest concerns for small businesses is about how they can switch their telephone number from one carrier to another, or from traditional PSTN lines to VoIP. The NBN is bringing massive changes to the way businesses communicate, in particular, the fact that everyone has to take… Read more »

What Is A Cloud PBX Phone System?

Cloud PBX is the new best thing in business, and this article will cover the question that many business owners have; “What is a Cloud PBX  and how do they work for small businesses?” The NBN will change the face of communication forever. Faster internet speeds will open up many new opportunities for small businesses,… Read more »

3 Easy Step To Add Contacts To iPECS Phone System Directories

In this article, we will show you how to give us all the information we need to pre-program your phone directory/speed dials when we install your new phone system. Every phone system comes with the ability to have preprogrammed phone numbers saved into a directory. Just like the contact list on your mobile phone. This… Read more »

iPecs Phone Handset Label Printing Guide

In this article, we will go through a step by step guide to printing labels for the iPecs LIP 8000, iPecs LDP-9000, iPecs LIP-9000 & iPecs LIP-9200 Series handsets. When your new phone system is delivered, you will see that each handset comes with a label sheet that is used to label each shortcut button… Read more »

20 Surprising Facts and Figures About The NBN Rollout

We’re always finding out new information about the NBN rollout, how people are responding to it, and the many hiccups that are happening along the way, so we’ve compiled this handy page of facts and figures to help you get a quick picture of what the NBN is all about. NBN Rollout When the NBN… Read more »

Blocking Ghost Calls on Yealink Phones

Nobody likes to answer the phone only to find that there’s no-one on the other end. They’re called “phantom calls” or “ghost calls” because they will display on your caller-ID as 100, 1000, or 1000 numbers, and when you answer there’s no response. And that makes them annoying because you’ve got better things to do,… Read more »

Power Outages And The NBN

If you think the NBN has been getting a bit of a bad wrap, it’s about to get worse. While we’re mostly hearing about speeds and installation woes, we’re not hearing a lot about one of the biggest issues all Australians face with the NBN: power. As this article points out, recent natural disasters and… Read more »

How Is Your Company Facing The Future?

What a recent survey reveals about SME’s, technology, and what business owners want the future to look like. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that the way we do business is changing; cloud-based solutions are revolutionising our networks and opening doors for SME’s on a worldwide market, barriers to communication and collaboration are breaking… Read more »

NBN and Phone System Cyclone Damage Update For Customers 06 April 2017

Dear Customers, We know that many customers are affected by the storms and everyone is getting together to repair things as soon as possible. Here is a quick update from the telecommunications networks across the country: Network field teams have been working with Emergency Services to access priority Network sites – exchange buildings and network… Read more »