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Telstra turning off the 2G Network

What you need to know to be prepared The Telstra 2G network has been operating for a long time, but on 1st December 2016, Telstra officially turned it off in every corner of Australia. While they did spend the months ahead of the switch off contacting those consumers who still have devices that use the… Read more »

Why A Wireless Headset Will Change Your Phone Game

Answering the phone isn’t really something you want to avoid when you’re at work, but it can be a massive productivity killer when you’ve got to drop what you’re doing so that you can pick up. While more and more businesses are now utilising headsets for their reception and call centre staff, there still seems to… Read more »

How To Install A Phone System Yourself in 4 Easy Steps

It could be more complicated than you think… So you want to save some money and install a phone system yourself? We understand that, and we hear that request a lot here at Infiniti. Unfortunately, many people assume that installing a phone system is a simple plug and play exercise. If only this were the case. While… Read more »

5 Reasons to keep your Existing PBX System

Save yourself from the cost and hassle of switching (if you don’t need to) Technology has changed a lot in the past few years. The NBN is being rolled out across Australia, and VoIP and SIP have become the powerhouse of the phone network. As a result, the rise in businesses using cloud-based PBX systems has… Read more »

What happens When Your Phone System Fails?

How to make sure you’re backed up Your phone system is the heart of your company’s infrastructure. It connects you with your clients and suppliers, and also gives your employees a way to stay in touch. Communication is key in business, and your phone system is what keeps everything running like clockwork. But have you… Read more »

How To Maintain Your Sennheiser Headset

Keeping Your Sennheiser Headset Hygienic It’s recommended that, if you use your headset for a full working day, you wash the earpads using a small amount of soap at least once a week. For the leather ear pads, you can simply use a damp cloth or hygienic wipes to give them a gentle clean. It’s also… Read more »

Telstra & Optus Telephone Network Feature Codes

Across the Telstra & Optus networks here in Australia, there are a number of network feature codes that allow you – or your phone technician – to make network level changes to your phone lines. These network features include things like turning call waiting on or off, enabling and disabling call forwarding, or blocking your outbound caller ID. Below… Read more »