Unfortunately, there are no telecommunications industry standards that allow you to compare the quality of one phone service company to another.  In fact, it can be very confusing.  Going on price alone creates a myriad of issues for the consumer.  In tough economic times like these customers have a tendency to choose a cheap phone service provider thinking that one is the same as another.  Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth and taking the cheap option may actually cost you a lot more.

Choosing the right phone service company for your needs is about expertise and experience with your particular phone system.  You see not all phone systems are the same and just because a company can work with Avaya doesn’t mean they can also fix your Cisco PABX for example.

Think of phone systems like cars.  Would you take your Honda to a Toyota specialist – of course not.  So why do customers think differently when it comes to phone service?  They shouldn’t.

Phone service price is often a good metric

The price you pay is often indicative of the expertise a company has.  Would you expect to pay the same for a medical specialist as you would to see your local GP?  And this is where it gets interesting.  We have seen 100’s of customers that have come to us for phone service where their existing company simply didn’t know the phone system well enough.

By using a “cheap phone service” company everything actually takes LONGER.  They don’t have years of hands-on experience to trouble shoot or to have seen particular issues before.  Also, their phone system service and programming skills will be considerably slower than a phone technician that works on the same brand every day.  It’s only logical.  By choosing the cheap company you will often end up paying considerably more than an expert who can diagnose and fix a phone service issue in a fraction of the time.

So it may appear that you’re paying more for the expertise, and you are, but it can also be a much cheaper outcome.

Infiniti Telecommunications prides itself on our phone technician’s knowledge, skill and the ability to get the job done in a timely fashion.  Our phone service technicians are fully certified and qualified with years of experience on the pabx systems we service.

Plus, Infiniti can hep with extra parts, used handsets, new handsets and anything else you may need to get your pabx running and operating optimally.  So call our friendly experts today and experience the Infiniti phone service difference for yourself.