It’s incredible to believe that there are not more wireless phone systems available.  I’m not talking about a normal phone system with a couple of wireless handsets or even IP handsets.  I’m referring to a completely wireless solution. A wireless pabx requires no installation by a qualified technician and is perfect for:

  • heritage listed homes
  • retail offices
  • small warehouses with shopfronts
  • limited access building where cabling costs are cost prohibitive
  • private homes
  • home offices
  • and many more applications…

A couple of years ago there was a Panasonic wireless phone system and then it vanished from the market.  It was a fantastic solution and we were at a complete loss as to why they removed it.

Out of all the manufacturers currently selling pbx systems (Samsung, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hybrex and more) there is only one that continued to sell a completely wireless phone system and that was the LG Ericsson SOHO.  The LG SOHO pbx solution offered the traditional features customers were used to and it was reasonably priced.  We had plenty of customers that installed the systems themselves and the feedback was incredibly positive.  Plus they saved on installation costs which made them very happy.

Then last year they decided to remove this solution as well.  What is going on we thought.  We have a lot of SME and private customers that this wireless phone system was tailor made for.  Then months later they did something fantastic.  Ericsson LG said they were going to incorporate their wireless SOHO handsets into their brilliant Ericsson LG iPECS SBG-1000 phone system – phew!  And now we have not just a good solution like the Panasonic or LG SOHO but an awesome one.

Customers can get a wireless phone system with the latest state of the art technology like:

  • SIP trunking for VoIP phone calls
  • IP Wireless handsets
  • Wireless desk phones
  • mobile phone applications to use your mobile as a desk phone
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Auto Attendant
  • and so much more.

So if you’re after a wireless phone system you no longer have to compromise on technology.  The wireless/ feature tradeoff is a thing of the past.  You can now get everything your small business needs with the freedom and flexibility of having no cables, no additional expense and just a great wireless phone system in the Ericsson LG iPECS SBG-1000 pbx.

So if you don’t want the expense of a full phone system installation with cabling you don’t have to.  Speak to one of our friendly experts today and see how you can benefit.