Do you need a solution designed for the converged future? Avaya IP Office was designed to help companies benefit from the cost-savings and business advantages of Voice-over IP and voice/data convergence . . . and to do it when it is right for them.

Using Avaya IP Office as a “converged” system lets you consolidate all of your communications on one network connection and save money. You can take advantage of the ability to make calls over a managed Internet service, reducing your calling costs.

You can also reduce administration costs-IP phones can be added and moved more easily than traditional phones. If you have more than one location, you can network your communications and computer systems over a managed, IP-based infrastructure, saving money and streamlining operations.

Avaya IP Office is designed to simplify and lower the cost of communications by bringing together voice, data and the Internet in one easily managed solution. Instead of relying on separate networks and separate systems, you can consolidate the communications that are important to your business in one system. Convergence not only simplifies and streamlines communications-it supports new ways of serving customers, connecting locations and streamlining information flow.

Convergence – The Power and Simplicity of One System

Here are four compelling reasons to consider convergence today:

  • The Internet, eBusiness, wireless communications and a host of other advances are giving customers more information, more control and the ability to easily switch their loyalties. Relying on Avaya IP Office as a converged system lets you take advantage of a wide range of capabilities from consolidating local/wide area networking to sophisticated communications applications like unified messaging and multimedia contact centers.
  • The wide range of customer service and communications applications that are possible with Avaya IP Office can deliver many economic and operational advantages: lower network costs, simpler management, more productive use of personnel, lower travel costs, higher customer retention rates and more. Enterprises that don’t embrace convergence will miss out.
  • Quality advances in IP Telephony are driving enterprises to look at converging their LAN and WAN networks, even if only for internal communication. Small and midsize size companies are leading the way-Avaya IP Office will help you get there.
  • Today’s business organizations are more virtual, more collaborative, relying on an extended network of partners, suppliers and employees spread across remote locations. Avaya IP Office supports the critical applications and delivers the networking and remote access capabilities that enable extended enterprises to collaborate and communicate with speed and quality in a dynamic networked environment.

Avaya IP Office is the result of ongoing technological innovation to ensure that one system can handle both voice and data communications without sacrificing user features, voice quality or reliability. Avaya IP Office has demonstrated over and over again that it can achieve those goals – a key reason why it was selected as a “Convergence Product of the Year” in 2002 by Communications Convergence magazine, Telephony’s magazines “2003 Product of the Year”, and Internet Telephony magazine’s “Product of the Year 2004” and “Product of the Year 2005”.

Beyond the technology itself, convergence means business. The convergence capabilities of Avaya IP Office enable it to deliver vital, business-building applications-from IP Telephony to unified messaging to multimedia contact centers. These applications can make your businesses more efficient, effective and responsive …to your employees, your partners, your customers and your bottom line.

Avaya IP Office simplifies the transition from today’s separate voice, data and Internet networks to tomorrow’s fully converged communications. It’s a system designed for the future… that’s ready to meet your needs today.

Lower your costs

The communications solution that’s right for your company is one that helps you achieve your business goals while also helping to control the growing cost of communication. Avaya IP Office is designed to deliver cost savings throughout your organization:

  • Networking-router, firewall, LAN ports-is built in, reducing or eliminating the additional outlay for those devices.
  • Entry-level voicemail is available, eliminating the outlay for this essential business capability.
  • Simple configuration and single point of management generate cost-savings during implementation and over the life of the system, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Built-in least-cost routing and optional Voice-over IP open the door to substantial savings in calling costs.
  • The ability to route data and voice traffic over the same network reduces costs, particularly in new locations where no network investments have yet been made.

Get the customer service that will change your business

Your communications system is a critical part of your ability to build and maintain the strong relationships that will create customer loyalty and grow your business. Calls that go unanswered, or are not answered quickly or professionally, will cost you customers, sales and revenue. Through its sophisticated call handling capabilities-and optional applications such as Compact Business Center and Compact Contact Center-Avaya IP Office gives you the capabilities you need to offer quick, personalized service at any time of the day or night. Minimize hold times. Avoid bottlenecks during peak periods. Generate a “screen pop” of information about callers. Automate routine requests for support and information. What’s your objective?

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty – Customer satisfaction and loyalty usually go hand-in-hand. Avaya IP Office can help you on both counts by personalizing every customer interaction, focusing your resources on the customers who are most valuable to you, and measuring how well all your customers are being treated day-to-day.
  • Increase Productivity – Your staff is your most expensive asset-it’s important to ensure that they have the tools they need to work effectively and that their performance can be directly measured. Avaya IP Office offers:
    – Real-time management and real-time/historical reporting capabilities to let you know what you need and when you need it.
    – Wallboards and alarms to keep the performance of your contact center consistently high.
  • Lower Costs – Customer service can require a significant investment-particularly in personnel. Avaya IP Office keeps you on top of these costs with:
    -Desktop tools and wizards to help contact center staff do their jobs productively.
    – Self-service options to allow customers to help themselves.
  • Manage Call Volumes – Sometimes your customer service needs can boil down to handling high-volume calling periods, such as Monday morning service and support calls, calls generated by special promotions, or questions about new products and services. Avaya IP Office is designed to give you call routing, queuing and call coverage for the most demanding situations, getting each call through to the right person every time.
  • Build your business – With an Avaya IP Office contact center, you are ready to reach out and increase sales with outbound marketing. Tell your existing customer base about new offers. Follow up with customers who have recently contacted you. Acquire third party calling lists.

Whether you have an informal sales or service department, or a full-fledged contact center handling customer inquiries via the phone, IP Office is ready to meet your needs. And, IP Office contact center solutions deliver the reporting and management capabilities (for historical and real-time data analysis) that allow you to carefully monitor and adjust your customer service resources.