Make sure your business is prepared with an NBN-ready audit

Are you hoping (like many people) that you don’t have to do anything to get ready for the NBN?Are you hesitating because switching your services over is a hassle you’d like to avoid? Please, read on!

Unfortunately the NBN will hold no prisoners, and you’ll have to confront the big change sooner, rather than later.

For residential customer, switching an internet connection and a phone line is a breeze. But for businesses, there can be multiple different services that you’ll need to think about. It can get complicated because the NBN isn’t a one-size-fits all technology. Watch this video for a quick guide to switching to the NBN.

Why it’s so important to get ready for the NBN

The fact that the NBN is not a choice is only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll not only have to migrate your internet to a broadband solution, but you’ll also have to consider your phones. That means your phone system, EFTPOS terminals, your fax machine, your HICAPS terminal, and your security systems. Every device will have to switch, but the catch is that not every device is NBN friendly.

Another reason that preparation is key to a successful switch is the fact that the NBN is a Multi Mix Technology (MTM). Not every NBN connection is the same, and the type you get will depend on what type NBN Co. rolls out in your area. Again, you won’t get a choice here, so understanding what type you’ll get, and how your internet and phone lines will operate, is crucial.

Time may not be on your side

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen businesses make is the assumption that they don’t need to do anything to get ready for the NBN. There is an assumption that the switch will be as simple as NBN Co. advertises it will be – ‘as easy as 1, 2, 3’.

Migrating your services is NOT a simple unplug, replug deal. Existing outlets will no longer work. Current devices may no longer work. Your phone system may no longer work. And if you plan to switch at the last minute, you won’t have time to sort out any of these problems before NBN Co switches off your existing services.

An NBN installation can occur between ten days and six weeks after you place your order. If anything doesn’t work the way it should, it can take the same amount of time again to have the issue resolved. Add to that the fact that NBN Co. will be switching ALL traditional services within 18 months of the rollout hitting your area.

Waiting – and not being prepared – aren’t worth the risk of having no phone, internet, EFTPOS, fax… you get the idea.

Get ready for the NBN with a personalised audit

Doing the research  to understand the NBN inside and out is not for everybody, nor should it be. Your top priority is making sure the telecommunications wheels keep on turning when your business makes the switch.

In order to help businesses keep that priority in check, we’ve developed a comprehensive NBN-ready audit. One of our tech wizards will visit your office and thoroughly assess your current setup. they’ll talk to you about your future prospects and expectations, and make recommendations. In short, they will give you everything you need to switch smoothly to the NBN. They’ll also offer advice on how to save yourself a fortune on new hardware and equipment.

It really will make your life a lot easier, and give you peace of mind that you’ll be saving money by getting the right advice from people you can trust.

Get in touch with the Australian based Infiniti team now to find out more about our NBN audit, and book your assessment for only $99 by calling 1800 214 850.