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Alcatel Lucent 4068 Phone Handset (IP Premium)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4068 IP phone is the top of the line handset in the Alcatel 8 series IP range. With a large colour screen and Bluetooth connectivity it’s designed for customers that want the best. For a full overview of the Alcatel 4068 phone please read below.

Key features of the Alcatel 4068 phone handset include:

  • Largest Alcatel display (74 x 56mm)
  • Colour screen (4096 colours)
  • 240x320 pixels 1/4VGA
  • Wideband Audio for ultimate IP voice quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless handset
  • Range of polyphonic ringtone melodies
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • 10 soft key programmable one touch buttons
  • 40 programmable buttons in total (accessed by scrolling down the screen)
  • POE class 2 consumption
  • Additional Ethernet port
  • 10/100MB connectivity
  • Alcatel DHCP server disabling
  • VLAN management
  • Headset port (2.5mm)
  • Adjustable graphical display to customise viewing
  • Easy to use navigator for different features
  • QWERTY keyboard for incredibly fast speed dialling
  • Extra DSS consoles available for up to 120 buttons.
  • Large multi coloured buttons for frequently used functions
  • Easy access of up to 3000 speed dial numbers
  • 60 degree foot stand for easier upright usage (option)
  • Wall mountable (option)
  • Much more...

Alcatel 4068 Phone Handset (CEO/ Manager)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4068 phone is the flagship model in the 8 series IP phones. What sets this handset apart is the large colour screen. All other models are either 4 shades of grey or black and white LCD displays. That said, with any colour screen handset, you really do pay a premium for the 4068 phone and very few customers ultimately justify the additional expense - even for the receptionist handset. From a user perspective colour is better because it allows you to see elements on the screen in a much easier, clearer, way than varying shades of grey.

With respect to actual functionality there is only the colour screen and Bluetooth connectivity that separates this from the  Alcatel 4038 phone. For that reason the  4038 phone is a much better buy and an infinitely more popular option. The Alcatel 4068 phone comes in a choice of urban grey or arctic white to suit your aesthetic preferences. With its large colour display the 4068 phone is designed for receptionists or top level executives that want to say they have the best model. Like the 4038, the Alcatel 4068 phone offers 10 soft keys (5 either side of the screen). Depending on how you customise the 4068 phone to your preferences, you can see at a glance 10 staff/ phone lines/ speed dials or anything else. But like many modern large screen phones you can see much more by then scrolling down the screen. In fact, you can program a maximum of 40 functions in total. If a user requires more than 40 you also have the option of attaching additional Alcatel DSS consoles of 40 buttons each (up to a maximum of 120 buttons). With the LED lights on the DSS console this allows you to see everyone's status quickly and easily.

The Alcatel Lucent 4068 phone offers users a premium IP sound experience with wideband audio. Rather than some IP technology, wideband doesn't crop the vocal range and delivers a natural voice quality. The speakerphone also offers full duplex technology, the same as Polycom conference phones, for the highest quality hands free experience (most phones do not offer full duplex).

One of the most unique features to Alcatel, and present on the 4068 phone, is the very cool QWERTY keyboard situated at the bottom of the phone handset. The Alcatel Omni PCX phone system has a capacity to store 3000 speed dial numbers and the keyboard is the fastest and most efficient way to access and dial these. For staff that contact customers a lot (and done have CTI integration), the keyboard will soon become their favourite part of the phone.

The QWETY keyboard also allows staff to do internal messaging if it is activated. This is perfect for PA/s, receptionists, executive assistants that can communicate without interrupting with a phone call.

In the middle of the Alcatel 4068 phone you'll also find a 4 direction silver navigation button. This makes using the large screen very straightforward. The Alcatel 4068 phone has a lovely design and we particularly like the different colour buttons for commonly used functions. Again, it simply makes the 4068 handset easier to use on a day-to-day proposition.

The reality is that most users will not buy the Alcatel 4068, or even the 4038 for that matter. With handset pricing making up a huge part of a phone systems price this is where companies can save the most money. Therefore it's no surprise that the most popular phone for everyday users is the Alcatel 4028 phone. Yes it offers a smaller screen but it still provides users with the rest of the feature set. On a larger phone system you can save $1000's, yet compromise very little. Like most IP handsets available the Alcatel 4068 phone once configured is simply plug and play.  When you plug it into an available Ethernet port it will initialise and connect to the pbx. This is a key benefit of IP technology and it allows you to take your own handset with you and once logged in all your settings will resume on the phone - even your extension number. For staff that travel between office locations or hot desk in the office, they simply need a spare IP handset and their own login. The assumption for remote workers is that your Alcatel Omni phone system is linked across a VoIP network.

It's important to note that with the Alcatel Omni PCX telephone system you can literally choose from any of the current IP or phone handsets available. If you don't really need IP for everyone you can select from the cheaper, albeit identical looking, Alcatel 9 series digital phones. The only option not available in digital is the colour screen afforded by the Alcatel 4068 phone. The equivalent digital model to this handset would be the Alcatel 4039 phone and then it goes down to the executive 4029 phone after that.

The Alcatel 4068 phone comes standard with a 12-month manufacturer warranty as well as Infiniti's own free lifetime support. The free support is only for solutions provided and installed by Infiniti certified and experienced technicians.

If you'd like to know more about the Alcatel 4068 phone, pricing , Alcatel phone systems or even IP technology and how it can benefit your company, please give us a call today.

Alcatel 4068 Phone Compared To Other 8 Series IP Handsets

  Alcatel 4068 phone Alcatel 4038 phone Alcatel 4028 phone 4018 phone 4008 phone
Display Adjustable graphical display Adjustable graphical display Adjustable graphical display Character display Character display
Resolution 240x320 pixels 1/4VGA 100x160 pixels 64x128 pixels 20 characters 20 characters
Size 74x56 mm 78x51 mm 70x38 mm 75x12 mm 75x12 mm
Color 4096 colors 4 gray levels Black & White Black & White Black & White
Contextual keys 2x5 contextual keys 2x5 contextual keys 2x3 contextual keys    
Programmable keys Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
6 keys with LED 6 keys with LED
Navigator 4 directions 4 directions 4 directions 2 directions 2 directions
Validation (OK) & exit keys          
Message key + LED          
End key          
Redial key          
Help key          
Alarm LED (2 colors)          
Hands-free key with LED          
Other Features
Hands-free mode          
External loudspeaker          
Volume keys +/-          
Mute key with LED          
Handset Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort Standard
Specific headset plug 3.5 mm          
Alphabetic keyboard          
Dial by name        **  **
Bluetooth┬« 1.2 wireless techn.          
IP Characteristics
PC connectivity with switch
External power supply          
IEEE 802.3af full compliance          
Class of consumption Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2
10/100BT auto-sensing
Alcatel DHCP server disabling          
VLAN management          
Wall mount kit Option Option Option Option Option
60┬░ foot stand Option Option Option Option Option
Addiontal 10&40 key modules Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Smart display module 3 modules max 3 modules max 3 modules max    
Bluetooh┬« 1.2 wireless handset Option        
Weight Dimensions (LxDxH) 1070 grams 1020 grams 1015 grams 790 grams 790 grams
Phone only 240x188x133mm 240x180x133mm 240x175x133mm 220x175x133mm 220x175x133mm
Wall mounted 240x100x218mm 240x100x208mm 240x100x203mm 220x100x203mm 220x100x203mm

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