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Avaya 1603 Phone Handset

The Avaya 1603 IP phone is the entry level model in the budget Avaya 1600 IP series. It’s great value and is perfect for staff and locations in the office that only need a basic phone. Read more about the 1603 below.

Key features of the Avaya 1603 phone handset include:

  • 3 flex keys so you can program them for whatever you want
  • Each flex key offers both red and green flashing LED's so you can see if they are free or busy. This is very popular in busy offices.
  • High quality 2-way speakerphone
  • One touch buttons for popular telephone tasks such as transfer, mute, conference, drop (end a call), hold, mute and many more
  • Hands free calling and communication
  • 10/100 MB internal switch (on the 1603 SW only)
  • Clear, easy to read two line, 16 character, display with white backlighting for incredibly easy viewing in any light condition

Avaya 1603 Phone Handset (Basic SIP phone)

The Avaya 1603 phone is the basic model in the more price conscious Avaya 1600 IP series line up.   It's incredibly affordable and a great addition for people not needing advanced functionality.   If you're looking for the cheaper, non IP, phone handsets you're after the new equivalent Avaya 1403 phone.   The Avaya 1603 is the perfect IP handset for waiting rooms, temporary desks, kitchens, retail showrooms and for staff that rarely use the phone.

The equivalent handset in the premium IP range is the 9601. They're very similar except rather than having paper labels, everything is on the screen and digital with the 9601.   Given the fact that neither handset is Gigabit you are probably better off with the 1603 unless you want to keep consistency with the same handset series across the company.   If you're after gigabit connectivity, not 10/100, then the other handsets in the premium Avaya 9600 series are for you.

The Avaya 1603 IP phone handset for the IP Office 500 pbx is an excellent entry level phone that makes a perfect companion to the more advanced IP and digital phones.   It's even more feature rich and easier to use than the 5602 handset it replaces.

Avaya has gone back to a more traditional looking phone with this new 1600 series and the 1603 is now very much more like traditional handsets still offered by other leading brands for customers that still want the look and feel of handsets they're familiar while still accessing all the modern features available.   Unlike the digital budget range 1400 series handsets, the 1600 IP range allows you to plug a handset into any Ethernet port and the system will automatically recognise it.  This plug and play feature makes company add, move and changes incredibly easy.

If you're looking to implement the awesome One-X on screen platform where you can do everything with the click of a mouse then you don't necessarily need the more expensive, feature rich models like the 1608 and 1616 handsets.   You can do everything you need on screen from listening to voicemail, to answering and even transferring calls, accessing personal and company speed dials and even co-ordinating a conference call.

If you're looking for more flex keys, or a phone for staff that are everyday users then check out the 1608 or 1616 models or the premium 9600 series.   If you're looking for phone handsets then check out the equivalent 14031408 and 1416 models or the premium Avaya 9500 series.


  1403 1408 1416 Button Module
Avaya AuraTM Communication Manager
(Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or later)
IP Office
(IP Office Release 6.0 or later)
Integral Enterprise
(E07, IEE2 or later)


Key Features 1403 1408 1416
color Black Black Black
Handset with 9-foot cord      
Stand Wedge Dual position flip Dual position flip
Adjustable tilt Display      
Graphical Display size: rows x pixels 128 x 25 pixels 181 x 40 pixels 181 x 56 pixels
# rows x characters (approximate) ~ 2 x 18 ~ 3 x 26 ~ 4 x 26
# Chinese characters (12x12 pixels per character) 2 x 10 3 x 14 4 x 14
Permanently-labelled feature buttons: Speaker, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Hold, Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial      
Permanently-labelled feature buttons: Headset, Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Voicemail Message      
Permanently-labelled Navigation Cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)      
Message Waiting Indicator      
Administrable Buttons 3 8 16
Contextual softkey buttons   3 3
Button Module 32 supported      
Headset supported      
2-way speakerphone      
2-way line interface      
Call Control Protocol DCP DCP DCP
Codecs G711 G711 G711
Avaya Aura Communication Manager
Alias on Communication Manager 5.2.1 and above   2410 2420
Native support on Communication Manager 6.0      
Full access to Communication Manager call appearances and features      
Line appearance/feature key buttons   8 16
Contracts and Call Log application      
Avaya IP Office
Native support on IP Office R6.0      
Full access to IP Office call appearances and features      
Line appearance/feature key buttons 3 8 16
Centralized Contacts and Call Log application      
IP Office feature menu with status indication      
Support of IP Office Hot Desking      
Avaya Integral Enterprise
Support with E07, IEE2 and above      
Partner/feature/short dial key buttons   8 16

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