It can be very confusing knowing which business phones to attach to your phone system and most phone companies don’t make it an easier.  We’ve tried to simply the process of buying business phones in a few helpful hints:

1. Expensive Business Phones are Not Always the Best

Phone companies are always trying to push the most expensive business phones on customers. Unfortunately, these are rarely the best option for the consumer. Most staff will never need the features offered by top of the line models and you’re simply throwing money away by getting them. Work out which features you actually need and get a handset that matches your requirements.

2. Not All Staff Are Created Equal

The business phones required by receptionists are vastly different from cheap inexpensive phones for a kitchen room. Ipso facto, you don’t need to buy everyone the same business phone handset. Most customers end up with 3 varieties – the reception handset, one for heavier phone users and a model for everyone else. This is a great way to save money by only getting what your individual staff need.

3. Digital VS IP handsets

The greatest trick sales people play is making people believe they need IP phones if they are having VoIP phone lines. This is simply not true. If you are looking at a hybrid solution you can choose from analogue, digital, IP, IP DECT. IP handsets are more expensive which is why companies want to sell them to you. Make sure you understand the benefits of IP business phones and see if they actually stack up for what you really need.

4. A Business Phone on Your Mobile

Sometimes you don’t even need business phones at all. Many modern solutions offer advanced applications for your iPhone or Android smart phone. You can now get most of the features of a desk phone right there on your mobile. This is amazing technology and it means that some of your staff don’t need business phones at all. This application is perfect for mobile sales people, offices that hot desk as well as those that have limited space etc.

5. DECT and Cordless Options

If you require you staff to move around your office space or warehouse then DECT and cordless business phones are a great option. Basic cordless phone that you use at home will work with a phone system but you won’t have access to any of the phone system features. DECT handsets are fantastic but are a much more expensive alternative. If you have good mobile reception you can also consider the option above that works with your staffs mobile phones.

6. A Phone on Your PC

Not only can you get phone system functionality on your mobile you can also achieve this on your PC, laptop or tablet. Anywhere you can get fast internet you can now be connected to the office phone system. Business phones on your PC are usually virtual phones and allow you to do everything a desk phone can. So you can answer calls from the office, transfer, conference, access speed dials, redials, call logs and much more. This technology is great for staff that work from home or where you have limited space or cabling.

As you can see there are a myriad of options in choosing business phones, and you can see our full handset range here.  We hope this has opened your eyes to the various possibilities and helped save you some money.