As a business owner, you want to know where your money is being spent, and where it can be saved. You also want to know what areas of your business can be improved, and how. There are many areas of your business that you could investigate and consider, and your phone system is definitely one that you should be looking at.

At Infiniti Communications we want to save you money and love helping you find the best ways to use your system, by ensuring that you are using the right system for your business. We are all about making communications easy, and so we are offering a free phone bill savings and phone system analysis!

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Find out why you need this analysis, and how to book one, below.

Why are Businesses Opting to Get a Phone Bill Savings & Phone System Analysis?

The Imminence of the NBN

As you know, the NBN is coming (or may already be available to you), and there is no way that you can hide from it! The NBN is the biggest change since the introduction of GST 15 years ago – it will affect everyone, and especially business. Everyone & every business is being forced to do something about it, so, you need to be ready.

Whilst there will be some unwanted changes (such as in some cases having to purchase new routers and phone lines being cut off) there will actually be a lot of positive changes – not just faster internet speeds! The NBN is actually saving many businesses money, as they switch from analogue to digital, as more businesses will be able to take advantage of VoIP and Hosted phone systems. Therefore, businesses are eager to identify what savings can be made, and where.

De-Mystifying the Bundled Telephone Bill

Many businesses receive phone bills which are bundled together, without itemised charges. As a result, you never know what you are actually paying for. Therefore, we see so many businesses who are paying for features that are not, and will never be used by them, but still rack up charges. An analysis reveals the true costs hidden within the bundled bill.

No Headaches or Surprises


For a business to run well it has to move like a well-oiled machine. There are so many moving parts to consider to make, and keep a successful business going. Mistakes which result in business lines being down and phone systems being off-air such as an ill-prepared NBN transition, or poor system programming, whether for minutes or hours, can cost a significant amount of money. Certain phone-systems have better redundancies in place and superior support systems to others. A phone-system analysis will identify the fail-safes that your system has in place.

How are Businesses Getting a Free Phone Bill Savings & Phone System Analysis?

Step 1: Apply

To get started is quick and easy, and only takes 20 seconds! Fill in the form below with your business email address to apply. Or, alternatively, you could call us on 1300 889 792 and ask for a ‘FREE Phone Bill Savings & Phone System Analysis’.

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Step 2: (Optional) Site Visit

For Qualifying Businesses…

Sometimes, simply examining your phone bill on the call might not give you all the answers, especially if you are transitioning to the NBN soon. So, depending on your setup you have the option of a qualified technician (NOT salesperson) will visit your site and asses your current setup.

Step 3: Report

Our team will complete the analysis and discover how and where you can save money with your phone system!


There are so many ways in which a phone-bill savings and phone-system analysis can help you and your business. Not only can you uncover where you can save money in your bill, but also where money, time and stress can be saved in the long-term.

All that you need to do to book your phone bill and system to be analysed by us, for free, is to fill in the form below or give us a call! Start your savings, today.