The LG Ericsson 130 phone system (also known as the LG Aria 130 and LG Nortel 130) was a very popular solution for up to 100 staff.  It also came in the smaller version, the LG 130C phone system, which catered for up to 60 users.

The LG 130 phone system, and the LG 130C, have now been replaced by the Ericsson LG iPECS pabx range.

Don’t Worry You Can Still Buy LG 130 Spare Parts And Handsets

As with most LG telephone systems we’ve supplied to customers over the past 14 years we can still provide all the spare parts, cards and extra handsets for your LG 130 pabx system.  Please note that many of the earlier LG LKD 30 handset and LKD8 DS handset have been out of production for several years and we only have them available as used handsets.  If you happened to buy the later model LDP 7008, LDP 7016 and LDP 7024 handsets you can still buy these new as well as used phones if you’re looking to save.

If you upgrade to the new Ericsson LG iPECS-LIK you can even keep your existing handsets and simply get the latest pabx technology.  This is a fantastic way to change the system without the expense.

We Still Service  LG Aria 130 Phone Systems

One of the great features of the LG 130 pbx was they were ultra reliable.  Howver after years in service your system may have the occasional hiccup.  Our qualified and experienced LG phone technicians continue to service the LG 130 phone system to this day so if you need support, programming, relocation, or spare parts just give us a call.

The LG 130 Phone System Replacement Is Just As Easy To Operate

Ease of use was one of the greatest strengths of the LG Aria 130 phone system. Just a few examples of this were:

  • Transfer a phone call with a single button push
  • Fast, simple speed dialling
  • Place people on hold instantly by hitting one button
  • Bright lights show which of your colleagues are on the phone before you call or transfer
  • Speaker phone functionality was available on the LKD 8DS, LKD 30 and the newer LDP 7008, LDP 7016 and LDP7024 handsets

The new Ericsson LG iPECS-LIK phone system is the same feature rich, easy to use solution.   You now simply get more state of the art features to make your day to day life even simpler.

You Now Get Extra Capacity For Expansion

The LG Aria 130 could only expand up to 96 users (depending on configurations) the system supported ISDN 2 (basic rate ISDN), Primary Rate (OnRamp 10/20/30) as well as PSTN phone lines.  In contrast the replacement Ericsson LG iPECS phone system can expand up to 1200 users and offers a modular design that allows you to start smaller and grow as you require.

Connect Multiple Types Of Phone Lines And Handsets

The LG Aria 130 also supported both LG digital, IP, analogue and cordless phones making it incredibly versatile and versatile hybrid pbx solution.  The newer iPECS-LIK phone system models offer all these plus you now get advanced mobile phone applications, IP DECT, wireless handsets (not cordless but wireless desk phones) and IP Softphones.  The handset and application range is now bigger and better than ever.

LG Handsets Are Very Easy To Use

Another customer favourite of the LG 130 and LG 130C was the LG handsets. They were reliable, simple to use and came in black and white to suit any office preference.  The new handsets have been refined even further and are easier to use than ever.  You also get the colour choice but not in the advanced Ericsson LG IP 8000 IP Series – here it is black, black or black.

You Now Get A Much More Powerful And Advanced Phone System

The problem with the LG Aria 130 was towards the end of it’s shelf life other systems were leaps and bounds ahead in technology and free advanced inclusions.  For example, voicemail on the LG 130 used to cos a staggering $2400!  And other solutions were giving it away.  The other limitation was that implementing VoIP for multisite applications was too cost prohibitive and SIP trunking for VoIP calls was not even a consideration.

All the LG Ericsson 130 phone system shortcomings have been overcome with the replacement Ericsson LG iPECS range.  Voicemail, Auto Attendant, SIP trunks, Call recording, Web Based Manager Administration and much more are now included as standard features!  It’s no wonder that the Ericsson LG iPECS pabx has quickly become one of the top selling solutions in the telecommunications market.

In short, the LG Ericsson 130 phone system may have died a natural death after a very useful life but the replacement iPECS-LIK is much more than a worthy successor.  It’s excellent.