The LG Ericsson SOHO wireless phone system (also known as the LG Aria SOHO and LG Nortel SOHO) was a brilliant wireless solution for the home office or retail environment. When LG turned around and decided to make the SOHO end of life – we were shattered! There was no replacement on the horizon until they decided to incorporate the SOHO wireless handsets into their latest Ericsson LG iPECS SBG-1000 for small business (also their larger iPECS range).  It is very important for customers to realise that the LG wireless handsets we refer to are not your DECT or cordless varieties – they are full blown desk phones without wires.  This makes them incredibly unique.

Amazingly, no other phone company in Australia is selling an equivalent solution. It’s literally one of a kind and in the right situation the LG SBG-1000 is simply unbeatable.

The LG SOHO and the replacement LG iPECS SBG-1000 are simply perfect for the following applications:

  • heritage listed homes
  • retail offices
  • small warehouses with shopfronts
  • limited access building where cabling costs are cost prohibitive
  • private homes
  • home offices
  • and many more applications…

No Intrusive or Expensive Installation Required

What made the LG Aria SOHO so special is that it offered all the features you’d expect of a phone system (for example, transfer, hold, conference call, voicemail, auto attendant and more) but the system itself required NO INSTALLATION as it was completely wireless! This alone saved the average home office about $600 in technician fees.

The replacement LG iPECS SBG-1000 telephone system does however require installation and setup.  The technology is vastly superior to the LG SOHO phone system.  You now get advanced voicemail, auto attendant, SIP trunking, IP handsets, CTI applications, mobile phone applications and much more.  It is a chalk and cheese comparison but the key factor is you still get the wireless connectivity without requiring cabling.  This still eliminates a large cost from the installation but the setup and programming is no longer designed for a self-setup with a home office user in mind.

Now You Get More Than Just LG Wireless Handsets

The LG Aria SOHO phone system offered user’s cordless handset options as well as the wireless desk phones.  This was great for the average SOHO consumer.  The new iPECS SBG-1000 (or the larger iPECS-LIK models) also offer IP handsets , IP DECT as well as the normal DECT from the SOHO.  Here is a complete range of the current LG iPECS SBG-1000 handsets available:

Now Additional Capacity For Growth And Expansion

The LG Ericsson SOHO phone system was tailor-made for small retail stores, home offices and businesses with up to 8 staff or 3 incoming phone lines (the maximum capacity of the system).  However it didn’t offer users anything beyond that and could not be used to link other LG SOHO sites or offer remote IP users.  The SBG-1000 offers all that and more.  You now not only have the flexibility of wireless but all the latest state-of-the-art technology to go along with that.

What Is the Wireless Range Like?

If there was a downside to the LG Aria SOHO, it’s was the one feature that was  also its greatest strength – namely, the wireless component. Like any wireless device, range was dependent on metal, glass and other building materials that can limit a wireless signal. If your office was particularly large or on multiple levels, the LG SOHO system was occasionally subject to signal loss and drop outs. However, since this system was normally only chosen by home or home offices, this generally wasn’t a problem.

The SBG-1000 overcomes this because it also offers IP DECT and mobile phone connectivity.  Let’s say your warehouse was massive and there was a spot out the back that didn’t get reception but got internet.  With the LG SOHO replacement you now have the option of an IP softphone, and IP DECT handset or link your mobile phone to the phone system.  Larger offices can now get a coverage that we simply couldn’t guarantee with the previous LG SOHO phone system.

Connect Multiple Types Of Phone Lines

It’s important to mention that the LG SOHO did not support ISDN phone lines, nor was it compatible with SIP trunking for IP calls.  The replacement SBG-1000 offers PSTN, ISDN2 as well as SIP trunks.  So consumers are no longer limited for their wireless application.

The Verdict Of The LG SOHO Wireless Phone System Replacement.

While the LG SOHO was designed for simple plug and play it was severely limited in handset choices, type of phone line connectivity and current technologies like remote workers, IP connectivity, CTI applications and more.

Sure you can no longer install the LG SBG-1000 by yourself but what you get is an incredible phone system solution that still provides the one thing people wanted with the LG SOHO – wireless communication!

If the LG Ericsson SOHO was great, the SBG-1000 is simply awesome and we can now clearly see why LG decided to incorporate the existing technology into this new advanced platform.  Usability hasn’t been comprised but now small companies and home offices are able to open themselves up to the latest productivity and cost cutting technologies.

Speak to our friendly staff today and see how the LG Aria SOHO replacement can benefit your home office.