Over the years we’ve employed lots of phone technicians and the difference between good, bad and average is quite astounding.  In our industry good telecommunications technicians are worth their weight in gold (well silver at least).  Fixing a phone system is not the hardest thing in the world but the one thing an average phone technician lacks is customer service.

Have you ever had an IT person fix your computer and when they talk to you it’s like they’re speaking in another language.  Yet if they were good at customer service they’d be able to express what they’ve done in such a way that even a computer illiterate person would be able to clearly understand.  Well the same applies to a phone technician.  Customers don’t want to know how a problem is being fixed they just need to know:

  • how something works
  • why it broke in the first place
  • will it happen again
  • what the phone technician can do to prevent the phone issue happening again
  • how long it will take to fix
  • how long will they be inconvenienced for etc…..

Again, its not rocket science but as soon as you speak to an average phone tech you’d think it was. The other key to a great phone technician is product knowledge and experience.  Even the best telecommunications technician, or “propeller head” as they are affectionately known, will flounder on a phone system they’ve never worked on before.  Practice makes perfect as they say.

At Infiniti Telecommunications we ensure that all our phone technicians are trained and qualified on the systems we service and support.  We pride ourselves on the fact that this experience translates to getting the job faster and more efficiently for our customers – that also means cheaper!

So if your looking for a phone technician in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast Infiniti is the smart choice for your phone service requirements.  Plus, we ensure that all our phone technicians will speak to you in plain simple English and clearly explain everything that you need to know.   It’s why Infiniti should be your first call for a phone technician to help with your issues.