Make sure your business is prepared for the changes that lay ahead

The NBN is slowly making it’s way to more and more Australian businesses every day. With promises of reliable service and high download speeds, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your internet service is all that will be affected by the roll-out. The truth is, there’s a lot more at stake and business owners are being urged to give some serious consideration to how their businesses will be impacted.

More Than Just Your Data Speeds

Yes – the NBN will mean you’ll get access to faster download speeds and a more steady service than what you’ve probably been used to. This is fantastic news, of course, but when it comes to making the switch, you’re also going to have to make some major changes to the way everyone in your office communicates.

When fibre is installed in your area, NBN Co. will only leave your existing phone lines active for a certain amount of time before they will be switched off. This is because, in some cases, existing copper infrastructure will be entirely removed and  in other cases, they simply won’t work the way it has done in the past. Either way, it means that your current internet and phone setup will become redundant and this will potentially affect your:

  • Phone services
  • PBX system
  • EFTPOS machine
  • HICAPS terminal
  • Fax machine
  • Security systems
  • Any other device that requires a phone line

It’s obvious that no business can go without these essential services for even a day. That’s why you need to act now to make sure that it doesn’t become a major headache down the track.

Getting The Right Advice

While the migration of your services is unavoidable, you can avoid the worry, hassles and expense. But the most crucial factor is that you get the right advice, from the right place.

Many providers are actually taking advantage of people’s ignorance on this issue. They’re convincing business owners that they need to purchase new office hardware in order to use the NBN. When in actual fact, it’s rare that you will need to spend any large sum of money at all; in 99% of all cases, you’ll be able to put measures in place that ensure you can continue using your existing equipment.

If you’re not an expert on how the NBN will affect your business, get an NBN ready audit as soon as possible. It’s not worth, a) spending money unnecessarily, or b) leaving it too late and ending up without any service at all.

Infiniti offers a complete NBN ready audit for Australian businesses. We value our integrity and that’s why our advice is genuine and supportive and seeks to bring the greatest financial benefit to your company.

During an NBN audit, we will:

  • Find out the type of NBN you will have in your area, when it will be available and how it will change your current services
  • Assess your current internet and phone setup and make recommendations based on this information
  • Talk to you about what you would like out of an NBN service, including PBX management, phone services and data
  • Evaluate your existing cabling and make recommendations based on your preferences for an NBN service
  • Provide upgrade recommendations and implementations for your current devices
  • Provide advice about how to continue using your current hardware

We’ve just dramatically reduced the fee for our NBN ready audit from $299 to only $99.

Take advantage by scheduling an appointment before 31st March 2017. Whatever you do – don’t wait until it’s too late…

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