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Why you should consider a 1300/1800 phone number

1300 + 1800 numbers give your business a professional edge, making you appear bigger and also letting you create a memorable number for customers which is great for advertising For example 1800 FINGER is used by the Fingerfood Company in national advertising.

How do 1300 + 1800 phone numbers actually work?

1300/1800 numbers are 'virtual numbers'. Unlike normal landline numbers they don't have their own individual physical phone line. Instead, when a customer dials a 1300 /1800 number, the call is routed (this is instantaneous and done by your phone provider) to a normal landline phone number of your choosing. It can even go to a mobile phone number if you prefer.

Being a virtual phone number means you can't dial out on a 1300 number or 1800 number - you still use your normal phone lines and pay your normal call charges. They are inbound numbers exclusively.

What's the difference between 1300 and a 1800 Phone Number?

With 1800 numbers, the receiver (business) pays for the call, meaning that it is completely free for the caller. Many customers are more willing to call a business if they know it won't cost them anything - that's why 1800 numbers are so popular for advertising and marketing purposes!

1300 numbers mean the caller (customer) pays a local call rate for the first 5 minutes and if the call is longer than that, the business pays for the rest.

If you have multiple companies or different marketing initiatives

1800 + 130 phone numbers also allow companies the option to own several different numbers (either 1300/1800 or a combination of both) and have them diverted to the same phone line. Alternatively, you can have them pointed at different phone lines which allows for your phone system to identify where the call is coming from and display this on screen, or even have separate greetings and on hold messages for different organisation on the one phone system (this functionality is dependant on your phone systems functionality so check with your pbx provider)

For example:

KnS Trading is a woman's clothing imports company with both wholesale and retail outlets. They advertise a separate 1800 number and business name for the wholesale and retail outlets, which are both redirected to their head office.

When a call comes through, the number the customer calls on flashes up on the screen, allowing the receptionist to answer the phone with the correct business name. This is vital to the company's success, as it is important the wholesale and retail divisions are kept separate.

Having different 1800 numbers also allows KnS Trading to collect monthly data that lets them analyse where each call came from.

EVERY Business Should Have A 1300 or 1800 Number.

Here's 10 reasons why!

  • You can keep the same business phone number for the life of your business, no matter when your company moves to.
  • Increase the geographical "reach" of your businesses at minimal cost.
  • They are a vital marketing tool for your business.
  • Shows potential customers that you're not just a "local" business.
  • Increase your marketing response by more effective tracking.
  • Give your business a "professional image".
  • 1300 + 1800 phone numbers are independent of your physical location.
  • 1300 + 1800 phone numbers are transportable (take it with you if you relocate).
  • Can be answered at any fixed or mobile phone in Australia.
  • You don't need any extra phone lines as they are virtual phone numbers.

With our low priced 1300/1800 number plans, having an inbound 1300/1800 number is A LOT cheaper than you think. Contact our expert phone consultants today and discover the ways 1300/1800 number can improve the way you do business.

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