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PSTN Phone Line: The traditional line

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone lines or analogue lines still make up the bulk of lines connecting to phone systems throughout Australia. These are the same type of phone lines you use at home.

PSTN Lines not only allow you to make and receive calls, you also need them for normal fax and broadband services. They are great for small business because you can buy as many as you need and only pay for what you need (unlike ISDN2). If you need 3 lines, you only rent 3 lines; if you need 7 lines, you only need to rent 7 etc.

Key Benefits with PSTN:

  • One of the most reliable communications services
  • Cost effective
  • No need to upgrade your inter-office hardware
  • FREE Installation packages for new customers
  • Local calls from as little as 10 cents
  • Calls to any mobile Network from 25 cents per minute
  • Infiniti's PSTN Line Rental starts at $32 per month

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