When it comes to choosing the right headset for your phone system it can be rather confusing.  There are literally hundreds of phone system headsets to choose from on Australia’s largest online headset store, Simply Headsets, and compatibility is an issue.

Corded headsets require a specific adaptor

If you’re looking at the cheaper option of corded office headsets then you need to know EXACTLY which model phone the headset is to work with.  Corded headsets come in two parts; the headset top and a connector cable with a specific fitting.  If you get the wrong connector then the headset will simply not work.

You need to speak to a headset expert to see which connector cable accessory you need.  Don’t guess, and even if the image looks like your correct fitting, it still may not work.  A one minute call will ensure you get the correct corded headset for your phone system.

Phone system and wireless headsets

The great news is that wireless headsets work with any handset.  This is becasue they connect differently to a phone handset and use a universal size fitment.  Rather than connecting to a headset jack or port on the side of the handset, like corded, they connect where the hand piece curly cord goes into the bottom of the handset.  This allows you to use either the headset or the handset (not at the same time though)

If you want to answer/end calls away from you desk you can’t do this with a corded headset.  You can with a wireless model however you will also need to purchase an optional lifter or Electronic Hook Switch to enable this.  No standard wireless headset will offer you this remote answer/end function by itself.

Wearing Style – which one is right for you?

With both corded and wireless headsets you can choose from over the head (most popular), over the ear, one ear wearing option, two ear wearing option as well as behind the neck.  It comes down to a very personal wearing preference and there is no right and wrong answer when choosing phone system headsets.

Speak to a headset expert and see which option will suit you best.  Just remember that you should always buy the best headset you can afford becasue most customers use them every day and there is a big quality difference between phone system headsets in the market.  The el cheapo you might see for $60 is that price for a reason and spending more to ensure superior audio quality and durability is money very well spent.