As a wholesaler, are you looking for new and creative ways to reduce your costs and deliver the service that makes you stand out to customers in today’s marketplace?

Well, Avaya has the answer: the Avaya IP Office Phone System (which you can find more details on here) – is designed with the communications capabilities you need to move product faster, with less expense, all whilst delivering the personal service that is the key to profitability in the wholesale game.

Deeper customer engagements

Right through your business, from the warehouse, to the sales division, to the onsite meeting with a key customer—fast, efficient, effective communications is the key to delivering the service that strengthens your relationships and builds loyalty with stakeholders.

Ask yourself—In your business, are you taking full advantage of today’s communications technologies to:

  • Get all your communications working together—office, mobile, e-mail and fax—so key team members are reachable and customers are served efficiently.
  • Recognise key clients and give them the personal service that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Simplify the way customers and clients interact with you, to handle routine transactions

Like most business telephone system brands, Avaya is ready to help today’s wholesaler do all of this and more with their –  the Avaya IP Office Telephone System (which you can find more details on here)

In a very compact piece of hardware, the Avaya IP Office provides an unprecedented number of bleeding-edge communications capabilities specifically designed to help all areas of the wholesale game – brokers, importers/exporters, distributors and more, serve customers more effectively.

If you are ready to use smarter telecommunications to drive your business growth in today’s rapidly changing distribution marketplace, you can read more about how the Avaya IP Office can give you the tools you need to succeed in this downloadable PDF.