Polycom conference phones are a wonderful business tool for customers that conference frequently.  You can checkout the complete range of these devices at our online conference phone superstore www.discountconferencephones.com.au.

Polycom SoundStation 2 non expandable with display

Polycom SoundStation 2

The speaker quality on quality phone handsets is actually very good and many customers simply make do with that.  The reason people upgrade to the more advanced Polycom phones is for more participants and better quality microphones and speakers.  Even the smallest conference phone units are designed to have 6 people around a table.

The number of phone system lines and licences dictates the number of participants

The biggest misconception is that if you have a Polycom conference phone you can make unlimited external connections.  In actuality, you are limited by how many conferencing parties your phone system offers as well as the number of phone lines you have available.  Even if you have 20 phone lines you may not be able to connect if your phone only supports 3 party conferencing.  The parties for conferecning normally refer to external parties on a phone system call an doesn’t count the internal extensions.

Benefits of a Polycom Conference Phone

  • superior Polycom sound quality – crystal clear communication
  • up to 24 participnats in a meeting room
  • Polycom Analogue, IP and wireless models available

Polycom conference phones range in price from about $350-2000+.  The price has a lot to do with the size of the unit and the size of the meeting/ conference room it can deal with.  IP versions are also more expensive that their analogue models.

Why you should speak to a Polycom conference phone expert

Apart from different connection types some models, while they look the same, are actually expandable.  It’s very important becasue it may cost you a little more upfront but you can increase the capacity and range in future.  Speak to one of our friendly experts and make sure you get the right model for today, as well as your future requirements or you may be stuck with a conference phone that can’t deal with your needs.