Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, consultants and other professionals within small and midsize services organisations have always needed the ability to deliver services that will differentiate them from their competitors. In today’s business landscape, the need has taken on a new urgency. To say the current economy is teetering precariously, or that competition between firms is fierce is to understate the marketplace; for many small and medium businesses a single client won or lost can significantly impact short-and long- term profitability.

Factor in today’s mobile society and it becomes more important than ever to consider how your partners and key staff can continue to collaborate with each other to meet or exceed customer expectations when everyone is on the move and in diverse locations.

Staffing is the single biggest expense in almost any business. Adding new employees to help bring in new business (and revenue) or to encourage existing clients to increase spend, is a time-honored strategy. But like anything it comes with certain risks. Should results fall short, the consequences can be severe.

So how can you increase revenue while improving customer satisfaction, without expanding your workforce? The downloadable PDF paper below explores a strategy that every small, medium or corporate business has at its disposal: the wise use of today’s sophisticated unified communications solutions.

Unified Communications

A history of IP (or internet protocol) based communications solutions is beyond the scope of this article, but .rest assured, however, that what was once considered “bleeding-edge” is today a fully mainstream technology that achieves the highest levels of reliability. It far surpasses the capabilities traditional phone systems could ever hope to deliver.

The bottom line: if you are holding on to your aging PBX system in the hopes of eeking out additional functionality to increase competitiveness or productivity, you should reconsider. The fact is, if your current phone system is more than three years old it will be more expensive to operate and maintain than a new system, will lack in functionality, limit your options for future growth, and provide for a greater risk of sudden downtime.

So how exactly can an IP-based phone system (one that unifies your communications), such as the Hosted VoIP Solutions we offer,  help your associates be more accessible to clients and generate more revenue for the business?

Well download this PDF report titled, How Small and Midsize Professional Services Firms Can Use Unified Communications to Maximize Success and take a look.