he new Scopia Mobile video conferencing is a brilliant application and a great extension to the Scopia telepresence room system solutions.  It allows you to include participants on either Android smartphones, iPhones or iPads.

It’s not just good, its fantastic.  You get HD quality with all the tools at your disposal that the other participants in in the office get.  Now anywhere you get decent internet connection or Wi-Fi, you can be included with the Scopia Mobile video conferencing application.

Just check out these video’s that show both the Scopia Mobile for tablets as well as iPhones.  If you have mobile sales people or remote workers this is the best, and most effective way to include them seamlessly.  Unlike other companies, the Scopia Mobile doesn’t require expensive licence fees for each user.  In some brands if you want to include a mobile endpoint, even for a one off application, you not only have to pay for it but you will often requite a Video Conferencing Administrator to set it up.

With no licence fees, the Scopia mobile video conferencing application, allows you to include not just staff, but customers too – whenever and wherever you want.   We use this application ourselves and absolutely love it.  I could wax lyrical all day about this product but it’s easier if you just watch the Scopia Mobile videos.

Speak to our Scopia Mobile video conferencing experts today and see how this incredibly powerful technology can redefine the way you communicate with customers and staff forever.  If you like this product you should also check out the Radvision Scopia Desktop application that works with either your PC, Laptop or MAC.