Small business phone systems are usually defined as 4-15 handsets.   Many owners think their requirements are very different from larger companies, but that’s not the case.  In fact, many of the latest technologies designed to answer the needs of multinationals have become successfully and widely adopted in small businesses phone systems, which you can see here.

With less staff there is more multitasking and often more mobility requirements requested for small business phone systems than for any other business size.   Here are some examples:

  • Mobile phone applications – you can now get applications on your iPhone and Android advice that let’s your mobile become a desk phone.  These technical apps allow you to replicate much of your desk phone functionality and operate seamlessly in and out of the office.   You can receive office calls from your extension and transfer, conference, hold, mute and everything else.  You can also access system directories and much more.
  • Remote users – many small business owners love the ability to work from home and still be connected to the phone system.  Small business phone systems allow remote access with VoIP phones as well as PC softphones (a virtual phone program).
  • Call recording – unlike larger companies that have dedicated managers, it’s often difficult to know exactly what staff are saying to customers when you’re busy doing everything else.  With call recording now available on small business phone systems you can genuinely monitor and quality control your staff.  It’s also a great tool for staff training and development.  Staff can now hear what they’re saying and that’s infinitely more effective than simply telling them what to say.
  • Call monitoring and statistics – this allows you to see how many calls staff are taking and what calls they’re making.  If you suspect some staff aren’t pulling their weight, the statistics will bear this out.  With call statistics now available on small business phone systems you can also see if staff are improperly using the phone for personal use with easy access to frequently dialled numbers on an extension basis.
  •  Auto attendant and call queuing –  If you don’t have a dedicated receptionist Auto attendant is an excellent idea.  If calls aren’t answered within a designated number of rings the phone system will answer, greet, and place calls on hold until they are.
  • Voicemail to email – now you’ll get your voicemail messages anywhere you can get your email – including your smartphone or iPhone.

Small business phone systems have come a long way and owners are waking up to the possibilities.  It’s no coincidence that many manufacturers no longer make different size phone systems but rather a one size fits all solution that can scale from 2-1000+ users.  The technology that improves productivity and reduces costs in larger companies can have an even more dramatic effect in small organisations.  Small business phone systems can literally change the way you and your staff communicate like never before.  Thank you big business!