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7 Best Value VoIP Headsets of 2017

Not all VoIP headsets are created equal, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best value VoIP headsets of 2017 based on quality, flexibility, UC compatibility and – of course – price. Most Australian businesses are making the move to Unified Communications (UC), and if you’re one of them, you’ll need a VoIP… Read more »

Why A Wireless Headset Will Change Your Phone Game

Answering the phone isn’t really something you want to avoid when you’re at work, but it can be a massive productivity killer when you’ve got to drop what you’re doing so that you can pick up. While more and more businesses are now utilising headsets for their reception and call centre staff, there still seems to… Read more »

3 Types of Phone System Headsets You Must Know About

When it comes to choosing the right headset for your phone system it can be rather confusing.  There are literally hundreds of phone system headsets to choose from on Australia’s largest online headset store, Simply Headsets, and compatibility is an issue. Corded headsets require a specific adaptor If you’re looking at the cheaper option of… Read more »