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Small Business Phone Systems Explained

Small business phone systems are usually defined as 4-15 handsets.   Many owners think their requirements are very different from larger companies, but that’s not the case.  In fact, many of the latest technologies designed to answer the needs of multinationals have become successfully and widely adopted in small businesses phone systems, which you can see… Read more »

A Simple Guide for Maintaining Business Continuity via Telecommunication Solutions

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) operate in a relentlessly challenging environment that continually requires making payroll amid economic uncertainty, finding and retaining top-notch staff, adapting to ever changing technologies, and perhaps most difficult of all — staying competitive in a tough marketplace. The competitive factor is particularly challenging, because it isn’t just about providing the… Read more »

How Effective Communications Can Deliver Real Results for Your Small Business

Today’s new IP-based telephone systems are designed with capabilities small businesses can use to attract more customers, expand operations, streamline routine customer transactions and so much more. Here we look at four key ways any growing business can benefit from today’s new IP-based communications solutions, including taking advantage of built-in cost savings. The New IP-Based… Read more »

5 TIPS To Choosing Small Phone Systems

10 years ago it was SO much easier to choose between the small phone systems available. Solutions offered less and it was more about what extras you had to pay for with one brand versus another. Now you have a multitude of brands as well as different technologies available and it can be VERY confusing…. Read more »