In this article, we will explain how the telco embargo period works and how it will affect you.

The telco embargo period happens every year and is an industry-wide embargo that affects every telco carrier in Australia. During this embargo period no telco provider can carry out certain types of work and other work may take longer than usual to complete.

Below we will outline how each type of work is affected and what you should keep in mind over the holiday period 19/20.

What Is The Telco Embargo Period?

We all need a break, and the Telco industry is no different. Every year through the holiday season the Australian Telco Network has an industry-wide embargo period where the carriers (e.g. Telstra, Optus, SpringCom, TPG, NBNco etc) don’t provision certain types of new services; such as connecting new phone lines.

This shouldn’t be confused with phone system providers, like the team here at Infiniti. The embargo period doesn’t directly affect our services – we still operate installing on Premise Phone Systems etc, but there just might not be any new phone lines from the carriers network there to connect too.

NBN Co fibre cable being laid

NBN Co fibre cable being laid

There are so many moving parts in the telco industry, including wholesalers e.g. NBNco & Telstra, and dependence on external bodies such as planning offices and other contractors. This embargo period is in place to ensure that all providers can be upfront and clear with customers about what they can expect during the festive period.

Telco providers are able to take new orders throughout the holiday period, but carriers e.g. Telstra, SpringCom, TPG will not process the relevant information and paperwork on public holidays for the carriage components of any order.

Also, every year telco providers have a defined period that they can’t carry out any system and hardware installs and process any porting requests.

Telco providers are allowed to provide support through the embargo period, however, it is up to each provider individually how they work with their customers.

This embargo period is the same for all wholesalers and providers, and it is up to telco’s what level of staffing they offer during that period.

Telco Embargo Period 2019 – 2020 Key Facts

The important facts for the 2019 – 2020 telco embargo period are:

  • There will be no order processing on the Public Holidays over the holiday period.
  • End customer installations/porting will not occur between the 16th December 2019 and 6th January 2020.

How Will The Telco Holiday Embargo Period 2019 – 2020 Affect You?

New Orders

Orders placed with most telco’s including Infiniti immediately prior to 15th December 2019 will proceed as far as possible. However depending upon the network components of these orders, completion of these orders may not occur until the embargo period has passed and in many cases weeks after the embargo period has passed as carriers work through all outstanding orders.


Fault restoration activity is exempt from the network embargo period and can be lodged per normal with service providers.

System Updates – Add’s, Move’s & Changes

Like many businesses telco providers may operate with a skeleton staff through the holiday period, so are likely to priorities clients that have add’s moves and changes as part of their contract or have maintenance contracts with them.


In this article, we have gone through what the Telco embargo period is and how it will affect businesses.

We advise planning well ahead of the holiday period and booking any maintenance job’s you need or inquiring about new phone systems early to ensure you are able to get everything done before the holiday period starts.

If you would like to learn more about how the telco embargo period will affect your business and to book jobs call our friendly team on 1300 889 792.