We’ve written a lot about video conferencing becasue it is, without doubt, the future of communication.  Telepresence has always been appealing but the main drawback has been the cost.  For most SME organisations that don’t conference frequently they’re not going to be in a hurry to outlay $1000’s on a solution.  It’s not because it isn’t worth it, but they’ll never find out because they can’t get pace the price point!

Well business grade video conferencing just got DIRT CHEAP!  It’s becasue SIP providers have been able to add brilliant technologies like video conferencing to their platforms and defray the costs against 1000’s of users.  Hosted SIP video conferencing is an absolute no brainer (I hate that expression but it’s incredibly apt).

With hosted SIP video conferencing you can revolutionise the way you, and your staff communicate.  Video conferencing is ideal for companies with remote workers, mobile staff, and multiple locations.  Video conferencing eliminates expensive travel, making it a things of the past, and brings everyone together for infinitely more productive and enlightening meetings – you can see what people are doing not just saying!

Not only can you have mutli party video conferencing with hosted SIP providers but you can also do a lot of what the expensive solutions offer.  You can show documents, spreadsheets and anything else you like at the same time.  This is brilliant for training and presentations.

This is a video for one of the SIP providers we use what’s just launched their brand new hosted SIP video conference platform.  It’s a little dry, in the commentary stakes, becasue it was designed to show how a video conference moderator (administrator) would use the solution.  Nevertheless it shows you what’s now on offer with SIP telepresence and at a price no self respecting company could ever refuse.

Speak to one of our SIP video conferencing experts today and arrange for a free trial to see how good, and how cheap, this technology has just become!