In this article, we will go through why and how we are offering unlimited NBN data for business.

Australia has been undergoing a massive change in how we use the internet. To the point, we use a lot more of it.

We now use the internet differently. It is no longer for simply searching for fun facts, but now an intricate part of our everyday life and business. Staying active on social media is one reason, streaming television shows is another. Since Netflix debuted in Australia, data downloads have doubled. In the three months to December 31 2017, Australians downloaded 3.6 million terabytes of data – up by nearly 40% from the year before.

Also the applications our businesses use on a daily basis now live in the cloud, and this increasing reliance on data is only going to keep growing. This is why we chose many years ago to partner with SpringCom as this gives us the ability to offer unlimited NBN plans for business.

In our new digitally-led economy, there is no other solution. With data-heavy services in our near future – including augmented reality, virtual reality and 4K video streaming, we will need more data, and we should never have to worry about hitting a download limit.  Still, not every network can offer this unlimited service as easily. SpringCom has been putting years of effort into creating a service that can easily handle this type of growing traffic – and this is how.

How The Internet Works

Before we look at the benefits of unlimited NBN for business below, let’s start by looking at how the internet works:

And it interconnects like this:

The Difference Between Transit vs Peered Networks

Peering networks versus transit networks…The internet is created of a huge series of networks connected to one another. These types of networks with multiple connections are called ‘autonomous networks’. The network connections could be an internet service provider, it could be a hosting company…and so on.   Information still needs to make its way across those “autonomous networks” and there two main ways that happens.

Method #1: Transit

arial view of road network to show transit internet network

Think about driving down a highway. This is how most traffic is routed across the internet. One “autonomous network” acts as a freeway for any and all traffic moving through it to other networks.   After all, networks aren’t directly connected to each other. To get from A to B, you may need to move through another set of roads. That’s what transit is – moving through multiple networks.   But of course, different networks don’t just carry that traffic for free. Just like a freeway, they’re going to charge a toll for that – called a transit fee. Networks need to estimate how much traffic is going to be flowing and then make sure they have capacity to handle it. Too much traffic means having to divert that into new areas, which means they pay a cost. A cost that the consumer pays for.  That’s one part of why data download limits exist. On the other hand, peering networks don’t have those same problems…

Method #2: SpringCom’s Peering Network

light on freeway to show peering internet network

With Springcom’s peered network we’re able to offer unlimited download services on the nbn™.   SpringCom uses peering networks for it’s unlimited data. Unlike autonomous networking which routes traffic through several different networks, peering establishes one-to-one connections. So, instead of using a series of roads to make your way from Sydney to Melbourne, imagine getting on a freeway that takes you straight from the heart of one city to another. Much more efficient, no?

How We Offer Unlimited NBN Plans For Business

Direct Links To Major Content Creators & Business Services

image of 5 business people bumping fists

By working with Springcom we can provide content at a faster and more reliable rate.  We don’t only rely on the connections other companies have created. We’ve done the hard yards and created our own relationships, so SpringCom’s network plugs directly into the major content creators and services your business uses everyday including direct connections to Google, Microsoft & Amazon data centre’s.

Peered Networks Allow Us To Pass On Cost Savings

image of a person putting a dollar into a pink pig piggy bank

Peered networks reduce costs….Let’s go back to that freeway/highway analogy. To use a series of freeways, you pay a series of tolls or get stuck behind other providers traffic. With the highway, there is no need for passing through multiple roads and so you don’t pay multiple tolls.

We Can Handle It

image of an nbn internet setting button on a computer screen

Peered networks give us more control Along with cost saving, this is a huge benefit for our customers.  With autonomous networks, a provider doesn’t have any control about where traffic is routed. The route is dependent on the different networks own connections, and so traffic is routed in whichever way is easiest at that time. If the route taken is longer, the data takes more time to be delivered.  With a peered network, we take control of our data flows to ensure the fastest content delivery possible. Which also means we can let our customers access a higher download limit – because we know that we can handle it.

A Business NBN Network

woman with her laptop looking at her phone

Peered networks give us flexibility ….This goes hand-in-hand with the control that we have. Because we have so much control over our network, we have more flexibility too. Other telco providers rely on transit (autonomous) networks, so they have virtually zero control over the customer experience – despite being able to get up and running very quickly. As the #1 peered network in Australia, we have the flexibility to monitor and control our traffic in different ways to present the best customer experience every time. Faster network, happier customer!


So, the reason that we can offer unlimited nbn data is that it is all down to our relationship with Springcom and these peer networks! We’ve spent years creating direct relationships with content providers to make sure our peered network is the best in Australia. That means reliable, consistent and fast internet for our customers – with the ability to offer unlimited downloads.

If we did not partner with SpringCom and operated a transit network, we couldn’t do that. But that’s the difference with us and the rest: we operate a premium network and with that comes a premium, reliable service.

With us, you will be able to watch youtube tutorials, download client files, create immersive promo video’s online and upload photos to social media without having to worry about your data allowance – isn’t that nice!?