Answering the phone isn’t really something you want to avoid when you’re at work, but it can be a massive productivity killer when you’ve got to drop what you’re doing so that you can pick up. While more and more businesses are now utilising headsets for their reception and call centre staff, there still seems to be a bit of a misconception that they are reserved solely for this purpose. The truth is that everyone in the office who ever has to use the phone can benefit from having a headset.

Wireless headsets are undoubtedly one of the best additions to any phone system. The great news about wireless is they work with any of the phone systems and handsets we supply.  Most good phone handsets have a headset jack on them however this is for corded headsets not wireless models.

how a wireless headset will change your phone game

Here’s why you need more headsets in your workplace:

They free up your hands

Whether you use a corded or a wireless headset, answering the phone no longer means that you’ve got to stop what you’re doing to stay on the phone. Once you’ve answered, you can continue to type on your computer, take notes, and get yourself organised without having to shuffle around one handed.

You can move around the office

A wireless headset means that you aren’t glued to your desk while you talk on the phone. This is not only a major productivity booster, it also gives you the opportunity to walk around the office without having to place your caller on hold. Again – major bonus in the productivity department.

Answer your phone while you’re away from the desk

With the right wireless headset and the addition of a headset lifter or hook on your desk phone, you’ll be able to answer calls through your headset, even when you aren’t at your desk. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve missed a call because you couldn’t race to answer in time.

How much do cordless headsets cost?

Cordless headsets range from about $220-$450.  The price is not necessarily an indication of quality, but rather the number of devices the headset works with.  If you just need it to work with your phone system handsets then you’re looking at $220-300. Bear in mind, though, that you will pay more for specialised sound and noise cancellation.  If you also want a headset to offer Unified Communications so it works with your PC and mobile phone, then it’s $300+.

Which headset wearing style is better?

There are two types of wearing style; over the ear, and over the head. Which one you want is really just is a matter of personal preference. From our own experience, 80% of people prefer over the head. If you are purchasing headsets in a shared environment, they are definitely the way to go as they are more hygienic.

Some models offer both wearing style in the box, while others offer only one, in which case you’d need to purchase the style you prefer at an extra cost.

How do you decide which wireless headset to get?

It might seem like a wireless headset is a simple device, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are only so many choices to make. In reality, the range available is quite expansive, and there are so many options available. Here are some of the main things to consider before you make a purchase:

  • Will you only use your headset with a desk phone or softphone, or do you want mobile connectivity, too?
  • Do you prefer over the ear, or over the head wearing style?
  • How noisy is your work environment? This will determine the level of noise cancelling technology you’ll need
  • How far will you need to travel from your desk and still be able to answer the phone?
  • Will the headset be shared?
  • How important is sound quality to you?

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