Last Update: 17 March 2020

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to provide an update for you and your business’s communication options.

Being Remote-Work Ready

There are a number of ways your phone system can make the transition to remote-working quick and easy for you and your team (if planned and arranged correctly).

Firstly, every business and phone system configurations is different so we advise calling our team on 1800 850 214 who will take you through the various options available on your current phone system. 

Some of the possible options include:

  • Softphone Applications which simply means instead of using physical deskphones, your team can communicate via apps on their computers or mobiles phones.
  • Remote Desk Phones: A range of handsets can easily be taken to a remote location and connect back to your main system via a simple internet connection — i.e. they are not restricted to your physical office.
  • Forwarding Calls to Your Mobile(s): If inbound calls are your key concern, forwarding your handset and/or inbound phone number(s) to your mobile phone may be an option.
  • Implementing a Hosted Cloud Solutions: in some unique situations, moving to a hosted phone system may provide benefits not just today, but well after the coronavirus.

(Please note each of these options will have their own requirements, costs, and limitations based on your current phone system configuration; so please contact our team who can help chart the best course for you and your business.) 

Technical Support & Customer Service

Inline with our recommendations above, we are also preparing our own team to work remotely during this COVD-19 situation.

Our technical support lines (1800 850 214) will continue to operate as usual for all your phone system service and support needs from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Please be aware that currently as a number of our clients are preparing and booking technical support, call wait times are slightly longer than typical.  (This spike in support calls has also resulted in change in onsite availability of our field techs.)

Again, if you will be preparing your team to work remotely, we strongly encourage you to contact our support team as soon as possible on 1800 850 214, to minimise and manage any delays the sudden increase in technical-demand may cause. 

Australian Telco Networks

A number of telecommunication carriers, such as Telstra, are implementing their own remote-work policies and procedures which will no doubt affect timelines around the NBN roll-out, network fault fixes, and other carrier situations.

(We are also aware of a number of carriers being affected last week with some unfortunately timed IP network outages. It has been reported that fixes for these outages, which appeared to be at a Telco Network level, have been implemented. If you are still experiencing any intermittent issues, please contact your respective carrier)

So be it a cashier at the local understocked supermarket, or a customer support representative to your phone carrier, please be understanding of the situation, as everyone nationwide is doing their best in this very unique situation.

The entire Infiniti team are continually committed to “making communication easy” as possible during these difficult times, and are here to help where we can.