VoIP phone systems used to be for big business only – my how times have changed.  The reality is that small businesses experience equal, if not greater benefits than their larger counterparts by implementing a VoIP solution.  This is because smaller companies often have a disproportionate amount of phone lines; larger companies that have 60 staff will typically have about 20 lines, but it’s not uncommon for a small business with only 4 staff to have 4 traditional phone lines.

This is probably mostly due to the fact that they spend more time on the phone with the obvious multitasking that goes on with having less staff.  They need to have available phone lines for incoming calls, but still have capacity when they’re using the phone to make outbound calls.

Not having to pay expensive line rentals is a major benefit of implementing VoIP for small business,  but it’s not the only one – far from it.  If you’re a small business, you would be crazy if you didn’t ate least run the numbers for yourself, because a Hosted Phone system that uses VoIP technology will save you a packet.

The benefits of having VoIP for Small Business

Before we go on… yes, we are affiliated with SpringCom, who are our chosen carrier partner, and supplier of our Hosted Phone System solutions.

The following benefits are based on the SpringCom Hosted PBX system  that we provide here at Infiniti, and their super-affordable call rates. Other providers may not be able to deliver the advantages that we have listed below.

1. Dirt Cheap VoIP Mobile Calls

Calls to mobile phone rates typically represent about 70% of a small business’ phone bill.  With VoIP phone systems, we’ve seen customers cut their monthly bill by up to 60%, and you can imagine the incredible impact this will have on reducing your overall spend.

While we do’t provide phone services, SpringCom is our chosen carrier partner. They offer a FREE phone bill appraisal for businesses; simply give them a past phone bill and they’ll te you exactly how much you’ll save if you make the switch to their VoIP services. Give their friendly, Australian based team a call on 1300 857 194 if you;d like to know more.

2. VoIP Untimed locals and STD calls

With no flag falls or timed calls, you can make as many calls as you like for an ultra low fixed rate.  Long distance and local calls usually make up about 30% of a typical small business phone bill – now you can talk for as long as you want, without being charged extra for long distance calls.

3. Cheap VoIP international call rates

VoIP international rates are a LOT more affordable than traditional rates, and if you make IDD calls then you’ll save plenty!

4. No expensive line rentals

At the moment you probably pay anywhere up to $40 per traditional PSTN phone line.  With VoIP and SIP trunks, you can get 10 phone lines for  less than you pay for 3 phone lines!

5. More phone lines for FREE

Plenty of customers would have more phone lines if they didn’t have to pay for them.  With VoIP and SIP you can have free excess capacity at no charge!

6. Hosted PBX

Hosted phone systems completely eliminates the need for expensive hardware.  All of the complicated stuff – along with the maintenance and management if your system – is handles by your host.

7. Expensive features for free

With a SpringCom Hosted PBX system, you get over 50 features for free – features that you’d have to pay for with Hybrid systems.  Features such as video conferencing, call recording, call accounting, multiparty conferencing, multiple answering points, voicemail, auto attendant and much more.

8. Free Programming for LIFE!

SpringCom offers absolutely, 100% free programming changes to your Hosted Phone system for life. So any time you need to update a message or change your hunt groups, they are only a phone call away, and will make the changes instantly.

9. Remote workers & Mobile Office

Do you have staff that are constantly on the go, or do you travel a lot? With an internet connection and an IP handset, you can now effortlessly connect remote and mobile workers to your Hosted PBX system for a lot less than you can with traditional PBX solutions. It’s also super-easy to connect using mobile devices from pretty much anywhere in Australia no that the NBN is being rolled out.

10. Scalability

With a Hosted PBX system that utilises VoIP, you won’t have to purchase any expensive equipment as your business grows. Adding users is just a matter of getting contacting your provider and getting an additional handset. And there’s no limit, so grow, grow, grow!

As you can see, there are some decent reasons to implement VoIP for our small business solution.  Speak to one of our Infiniti VoIP specialists today, we’ll organise a free demonstration so you can see how effective it can be for your company.