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Finding a business telephone system to fit your needs and budget can be a long, confusing process.There are so many solutions on the market that it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, whilst some of the new features available can really change the way your business works, the truth still remains that the brand of system you choose is far less important than the company you choose to implement it for you. For many customers almost any brand will do what they need, but it is HOW they perform these tasks that change everything.

LG Ericsson

Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems

The Ericsson-LG has gone through many name changes over the past 10 years, yet they still remain one of Australia's most popular telephone system solutions. The latest Ericsson-LG iPECS telephone systems are a huge leap forward over the previous range. The iPECS eMG80 is also a fantastic and well priced solution for small businesses, as you can have up to 48 users at first and the possibility of expansion in the future. And for businesses looking for even more features and

The telephone system technology now on offer from Ericsson-LG is state of the art and comparable to virtually anything available in the marketplace. The Ericsson-LG handsets have retained the ease of use that has become synonymous with the brand while still offering feature rich solutions. This system is also one of the many hybrid solutions that can cater to any handset or phone lines you may have available at your office, including traditional copper phone lines, the NBN or any other fiber internet service.

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Avaya Telephone Systems

Avaya is the world's biggest selling telephone system under 250 handsets and hails from America. The Avaya IP500 is a truly world class solution, but due to the current exchange rate, the system is more expensive than other solutions in Australia and subsequently has lost market share over recent years. The Avaya IP500 Office telephone system is a hybrid offering that allows connection of traditional, IP technology, as well as an incredible array of the latest technology to improve productivity for any business size. Avaya telephone systems also are accompanied by arguably the largest range of digital, IP handsets and IP DECT to suit everyone. Incredibly, Avaya also offer an optional 5 year extended warranty and that speaks volumes.

The Avaya is number 1 across the world for very good reasons, and should definitely be one of the business telephone phone systems you check out.

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Alcatel Telephone Systems

Alcatel-Lucent is one of the largest communications companies in the world. Their Alcatel telephone systems are designed for both small and large business alike and can scale from 2-300 users. The telephone systems are feature rich, and as a hybrid solution you can connect any type of traditional phone lines to the latest VoIP offerings. The handsets are very unique and differ quite dramatically in design and appearance from your typical brands. The Alcatel telephone systems options also comes in a tailor made Omni PCX Compact edition which, at up to 8 users, is perfect for small business budgets.

Being a major world player the solutions stack up, as you'd expect, however other brands have taken some of the mobility and IP technologies much further - so keep this in mind if this is relevant to your needs.

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Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung is a multinational brand that has come to be known for its technology. The older Samsung solutions were somewhat basic but the latest Samsung OfficeServ telephone systems are hybrid solutions that offer IP technology as well as traditional phone lines and technology. There are 5 different Samsung OfficeServ phone systems to suit every business size and a large range of accompanying digital and IP handsets to suit.

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NEC Telephone Systems

NEC has a long history in Australia, and is a brand that needs no introduction. Their latest range of NEC SV9000 series telephone systems offer the same easy to use feature sets that their customers love. . For small businesses of up to 40 staff there is also the very economical NEC SL1100 telephone system.

The NEC pbx's are hybrid in nature so they can work with existing phone lines and technologies as well as the latest IP and VoIP infrastructure, plus offer a cloud unified communications solution as well. To accompany the SV9000 telephone systems there are a great range of digital, IP and DECT handsets to suit specific needs and budgets.

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Panasonic Phone Systems

For those of you that don't know Panasonic Australia, it's part of the Japanese Matsushita Group. This massive multinational has annual sales of approximately USD$68 Billion with more than 300,000 employees. Today it is still one of the largest selling phone system brands in the world.

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SpringCom Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted IP Pbx's are NBN Ready modern telephone systems that can be accessed anywhere in the world (as long as you can access the internet!). Plus you do not require expensive pbx equipment either. This is fantastic for remote workers, staff who travel frequently and multisites. Using this Hosted IP Pbx can often result in significant cost reductions (this is of course dependant on your business configuration). SpringCom Hosted is a fantastic alternative to hybrid telephone systems. To further add to their high-standards, SpringCom hosted pbx systems are now including many of the advanced features at no extra charge, in addition to the already traditional feature offerings. It is definitely worth the time to explore this as an alternative solution for your next business telephone system.

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