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Phone System Buyers Guide

The following buyers guide tips have been compiled from years of experience. Our staff hear horror stories everyday about telco companies that misled, confused and only verbally communicated promises with customers (which they later reneged upon leaving customers with no legal recourse).

Make sure you're protected by asking the right questions and getting everything in writing, for your next phone system solution.

Infiniti provides the ultimate written guarantees, affordability, and peace of mind and that's why we challenge other companies to put up or shut up. We hope this guide helps you find the right solution and the right company to implement it.

1.Popular Systems

The first rule is don't buy an obscure phone system brand! Buying popular phone systems guarantees you spare parts and a choice of suppliers. You don't want to end up with a phone system that you can't service or be held to ransom by a supplier with no other alternatives. This is why Infiniti offers a huge selection of all the leading brands. Whether you end up choosing a VoIP, Hosted, IP pbx or even a used solution make sure it is widely sold and supported.


You need to know you are buying from a reputable company. All systems come with a minimum 12 month warranty. However, what peace of mind does that really offer? What if you get the wrong system? At Infiniti you can't end up with the wrong system because we offer the industries only 14 day Money Back Guarantee after the system is installed. Plus we offer local, ongoing support for all solutions we provide.

3.Easy Payment Options

You have 4 common choices - rent, lease, buy or bundle.
  • Rent: this is where you elect to make monthly tax deductible payments over a specific term of either: 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Download the benefits of renting...
  • Lease: again, you elect your term like a rental. However, you have a fixed residual - or balloon - payment, at the end of the term which means you can opt to buy the system if you choose.
  • Buy: pay by cash or credit card and the system is yours.
  • Bundle: this is where you use your phone calls to pay for a phone system. If done properly, you can get a phone system for next to nothing. Read more about why bundling is so popular.

No matter which option you decide is best we always advise you get independent financial advice from your accountant or financial advisor to find the payment method that best suits your cash flow and accounting methodology.

4.Bundle & Beware

Bundling is a fantastic way to purchase your system but make sure the provider can answer the following questions.

  • What are the call rates they are offering to you?
  • How do those rates compare to what you are paying at the moment? You don't want your phone bill to actually go up do you?
  • How long are you locked into those rates for? (rates are constantly getting cheaper and good rates today are bad rates tomorrow. Contracts are to be avoided at all costs!)
  • Do you own the phone system at the end of the term?
  • Do you have a choice of phone systems?
  • Are they VoIP phone calls or normal phone lines?

This is particularly the case with many of the latest VoIP and hosted offerings. Some customers prefer to simply purchase the phone system and then treat their phone lines, mobiles etc as a separate consideration. Some believe this allows them to achieve the best overall deal and not be locked in to the one provider. The choice is entirely yours.

At Infiniti our Bundle & Save packages come with everything in writing and no contracts on your phone calls for maximum choice and peace of mind. Read more about why bundling is so popular.

5.Lines, Numbers & Cabling

When looking at a new phone system you also need to make sure everything else is taken care of otherwise you end up wasting money unnecessarily. If you're starting out, or need extra lines, make sure this is organised before the phone system goes in otherwise it will require additional visits from the phone technician that you will have to pay for.

Also there are different types of lines available for you to choose from - PSTN, ISDN, VoIP, SIP trunks and others. Make sure you speak to an expert to ensure you are getting the correct type of service for your actual needs. Some providers, especially Hosted and VoIP, may only offer their own brand of technology and this doesn't afford you choice to guarantee you are getting the best deal available.

If you're getting more handsets on your new phone system than you had on your previous then odds are you will probably need additional phone cabling as well.

Phone Cabling is where your phone plugs into the wall and the line runs back to the main phone system. This is an extra charge so make sure you tell the consultant as this is not included in any standard quoting by phone companies.

At Infiniti we always conduct a free site inspection for clients prior to installation to ensure there are no surprises. Make sure whoever you choose offers the same otherwise it's too late once the system is being installed and they won't give you your money back! (Just another reason we're prepared to offer our unprecedented 100% money back guarantee)

6.One Stop Shopping

To make your life easier you may prefer to deal with a company that can coordinate not just the phone system, but also setting up:

and everything else you need to set up and communicate efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

This will save you hours of running around and being stuck on the phone to phone carriers - everyone hates being on hold for carriers so why wouldn't you want to delegate this?

7.Phone System Features

More mistakes are made here than anywhere else. It's the optional extras of a phone system that genuinely make the biggest difference. Look at comparisons of different systems and find out if the system you're getting will do what you want today and tomorrow.

Here is a list of some of the most popular features on new phone systems:

  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • VoIP phone calls and SIP trunking
  • Day & Night Greetings
  • Call queuing
  • Transferring to staff and also transferring to mobile phones
  • Linking multiple sites with VoIP
  • Making and receiving calls from your computer
  • Call recording
  • Linking Remote workers
  • Call accounting for staff monitoring and cost allocation
  • Cordless users for additional mobility
  • Ability to administer the phone system yourself which can potentially save you $1000's over the life of the system

This is not a definitive buyer's guide however it will provide you with an excellent starting point and we hope it helps you make the right choice. Make sure you speak to one of our friendly consultants for your free quote today on 1800 783 396.

To read more about the most popular 15 phone system features requested by clients please click here...

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