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Alcatel Lucent are one of the leading brands in worldwide communication. Their current range of phone systems are feature rich, affordable, ease to use and the Alcatel technology is a proven commodity. It's a great combination.

" Choosing Infiniti was not only easy, it was definitely the right choice. We ended up with a great Alcatel phone system that does absolutely everything we could possibly need.The bottom line is the new system features have made our organisation more productive and sound more professional. "

Amanda Quinn - Brahma Kumaris - Leichhardt, NSW

Who's Alcatel - Lucent anyway?

Alcatel Lucent is a massive international conglomerate with over 72,000 staff in 100 countries. In the local Australian market, Alcatel Lucent has a long history providing enterprise and government solutions. However, over the past several years they have also become an emerging player in the SME space with the introduction of their very popular Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX phone system platform. With proven, global solutions, Alcatel has the pedigree for any size business - small or large.

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The Alcatel- Lucent Omni PCX has an offering to suit every SME business

Like many current solutions, the Alcatel phone system uses the same technology and platform from 2 staff all the way up to 100's of users. Therefore the same advanced technology available to large companies is also available to smaller companies - without the price.

Key Features of the Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX phone system

Unified Messaging

Multi site Networking and remote users

Unified Communications

Call Centre Applications

Hospitality applications

Soft Phone with Pimphony

Mobility with twinning and DECT


The Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX phone system and VoIP

If you're looking to have multiple locations, remote workers or simply VoIP for cheap phone calls, the Alcatel Omni PCX phone system can provide the right solution for you. Their multi site networking and remote users is easy to use and provides visibility across the entire network of sites and locations.

Do you have to use VoIP for the Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX office pbx?

No. You don't need to have VoIP phone lines or even IP handsets. The Alcatel phone system works with all your existing phone lines (PSTN, ISDN, On Ramp 10 and Multiline). If you prefer you can continue to use what you've got and still get the benefits of a feature rich solution. If you'd like to migrate to VoIP in the future then the Omni PCX simply needs the appropriate licences when you're ready.

Easy Customer Self Administration

Unlike many companies that like to keep everything to themselves, Infiniti provides our customers with easy to use customer self administration with the Alcatel Omni PCX Office solution. By connecting the phone system to a PC or laptop you can make your own basic adds, moves and changes. It's simple to do, saves you time and money, and puts the control back in your hands.

Only pay for the phone system features you need

The Alcatel phone system is a very feature rich system and many of those are built in FREE to the end user - like voicemail, system greetings and more. More advanced features like IP, Call Centre Applications and Advanced Auto Attendant often require licences, and sometimes, hardware upgrades. Like many comparable phone system offerings you'll get most, if not everything you need straight out of the box for most small and medium sized businesses.

Is the Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX office phone system NBN ready?

Of course. The NBN will only affect customers that have been unable to get stable and fast internet to this point. However, you will only use the NBN if you're connecting SIP trunks (VoIP) or linking multiple locations with IP. For a typical office the NBN is not even a consideration. If you've got a stable ADSL2+ connection already you can already access VoIP technology and experience the potential savings right now.

The Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX phone system is a proven performer

As a world class player there have been so many of these systems deployed with so few issues. We know with our own customer installations over the years that once an Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX phone systems is operational, customers have very few issues with them. Our own experiences are the best testament to their reliability and proven performance - the rest is marketing hype.

The Alcatel phone system platform has gone through many upgrades and software versions over the years to continually enhance the product offering to market. This is quite common with many pbx systems as rather than having to buy new phone system every time the latest feature comes out, customers can simply upgrade their Omni PCX software if they choose to.

Range of Alcatel Digital, IP and DECT handsets to choose from.

You can choose from a range of Alcatel 9 series digital handsets, Alcatel 8 series IP range and DECT handsets to compliment any Alcatel phone system solution. They range in price and features so there's plenty of choices and you'll only pay for what your individual staff need. In any typical office phone system rollout there's always a combination of different model phones to cater to staff requirements and your budget. Here's a sample of popular Alcatel phone system handsets and links to read more about each phone:

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