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VoIP Explained

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is now commonly known, is the technology that lets you make a phone call over the internet instead of going out on traditional Telstra phone lines.

So what happens is a call, just like an email, is broken up into little data packets and fired out over the internet. When it reaches a switch, the data packets are then reassembled and converted in a way that allows us to hear them as someone's voice. The key difference between a VoIP call and an email is timing. If you don't get an email for 30 seconds it doesn't matter, but can you imagine waiting 30 seconds to hear someone's response. This proven and now very stable VoIP technology does all this in a split second so it sounds just like a normal phone call.

What is VoIP call quality like?

When VoIP is setup by professionals and done properly the quality of service (QOS) is indistinguishable from a normal call. The issues some people have with VoIP is they try and do it on the cheap and with VoIP you really do get what you pay for.

Some customers get home VoIP services that are designed with minimal usage in mind and then try and run a business with it. This can result in call dropouts as well as latency (when a call sounds underwater or delayed). This is disastrous for any business and trying to save money can actually cost you more.

Business grade VoIP service are different. Like you normal internet, a business grade VoIP service has it's own dedicated internet line. This means the available bandwidth of that service is not compromised by other email traffic in the office. The result is perfect call quality and reliability.

Is VoIP right for my business?

Done properly, VoIP is right for most business. It can potentially deliver huge phone bill savings as well as cheaper line rentals. But it's more than just cheaper phone calls. VoIP technology on a phone system also allows you to connect multiple offices, work and be connected from home (in fact anywhere you can get a decent internet connection). To learn more about the benefits of VoIP phone systems click here.

If you don't make a lot of phone calls then going to VoIP may not be necessary at all. In fact, many normal landline phone companies now offer PSTN and ISDN cap plans. We would suggest you do the numbers for yourself because if you can get the same savings without having to change technology, it is always a better outcome.

Do I need a VoIP phone system to get VoIP phone calls?

NO. You do not need a special phone system to make cheap VoIP calls. There are different ways to connect VoIP services to a phone system and although you may not be able to connect new technology like SIP trunking you will be able to connect other types of VoIP to get cheaper calls.

Modern phone systems that are built for IP not only allow you to connect better types of VoIP services but also offer users a whole range of other VoIP related features - link multiple sites, reduce staff, have remote workers and generally improve productivity. Read more about the benefits of VoIP phone systems.

To learn more about particular elements of VoIP please click on the following links.

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  • Learn about how a hybrid IP phone system can give you the benefits of VoIP as well as still being able to use normal services like PSTN or ISDN.

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