Updating your Phone System Greetings & Voicemail for Christmas, Easter Etc

With Santa fast approaching and Summer vacations just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about and planning your office break messages.

With most businesses closing for at least the Christmas-New Year break, it’s important to be prepared and know how to change the messages your prospects and customer hear when they call your business during that period.

Below are some of the most common phone systems and the standard steps to follow when updating your phone system greetings for Christmas. Your team would’ve been trained on this process, but bear in mind that your system may be set up slightly differently based on your programming requirements at the time of installation.

It’s important to note that you will typically be recording over any existing messages on your system. So if you have professionally recorded greetings you may need to have them reloaded into the system in the new year by a technician.

If your system is programmed in a unique way and the following instructions don’t work,  feel free to call the Infiniti support team for a remote service job (at standard rates) and we will do our best to help you out before the Christmas break. Please note that availability is limited during this busy period, so we advise that you test and call as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Contacting Infiniti Over The Christmas Break

Sales and General Support

As most of the team will be enjoying a well-deserved break [to rest and recover to be reenergised to serve your needs in 2019], a few of the team will be working remotely to help with any queries. So feel free to email the team via support@itelecom.com.au for a (slightly delayed) response over the break.

Technical Support

Our ticket support desk will be manned throughout the break during by a skeleton team; so please feel free to submit any and all your support tickets via service@itelecom.com.au. (Please allow up to 2 business days for a response)

For Platinum and Maintenance Contracted clients, please use your normal contact numbers and process to contact us throughout the holiday period. (Your SLAs continue through the break)

If you have a Hosted CloudPBX with SpringCom; the customer services and support team are operating as usual, and available via 1300 857 194 for support, adds, moves or changes to your system.

Carrier Support

If you have phone line troubles during the break, here are the contact numbers of the larger carriers you may be with:

  • SpringCom – 1300 857 194
  • Commander – 132 777
  • Telstra – 13 22 00
  • Optus – 131 344
  • SIPcity – 1800 150 686

Updating your Phone System Greetings & Voicemail for Christmas

Yealink Handsets

For any SpringCom Yealink phones bought via Infiniti. Please call the SpringCom support team on 1300 857 194.

Alcatel Phone Systems

How do I record my night/day message?

  1. Dial 500
  2. Enter the mailbox number(this can be found by pressing the I (information) key followed by the button where you retrieve your messages, this will give you a 3 digit mailbox number).
  3. Enter the password
  4. Dial 9, 1, 1
  5. Record message
  6. #, #

How do I change my pre-announcement message?

  1. From the main reception handset (4039) press the left arrow across to the menu tab,
  2. Select Operator
  3. Enter operator password (default is help1954)
  4. Select Expert
  5. Select Voice
  6. Select Hold Music
  7. Choose which message you need to record over (4 to choose from, usually number
  8. Press record
  9. Press record and say your message
  10. Press stop then OK to save

How do I record my general mailbox message?

  1. From the main reception handset (4039) press the left arrow across to the menu tab,
  2. Select Operator
  3. Enter operator password (default is help1954)
  4. Select Expert
  5. Scroll down, select Voice mail
  6. Scroll down, select Gen mailbox
  7. Press record
  8. Press record and say your message
  9. Press stop then OK to save

LG Ericsson EMG80 Phone Systems

This method overwrites the current night message, so you will have to follow these steps in the new year to rerecord your night message.

  1. Press the button designated as the Night Mail retrieval (enter password if asked)
  2. Press option 8
  3. Press option 1
  4. Press option 7
  5. Speak at tone
  6. Press # to save
  7. Hangup or press speaker button to end
  8. Put your phone into night mode following your usual process upon end of year closure.

 Aria 24, Aria 130 & Aria 300 Phone Systems

  1. To change an existing voice mail greeting, you must be on the Attendant/Admin handset which is usually the first extension number in your range i.e 100 or 101
  2. From this handset, dial Trans/Pgm then 61 followed by the # key.
  3. You will hear a prompt when to start recording the greeting and when you are finished simply press the Hold/Save key.
  4. Your new message should now play where the previous greeting used to.

Updating Avaya Phone Systems Greetings

These steps to update the phone systems greeting apply to all Avaya systems including the Avaya IP Office 500.

To change the night message on an Avaya follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *72 from any handset
  2. Enter access code of 2468
  3. Press 3 and select option 1 to listen to your existing message ensuring this is your existing night message.
  4. Select option 3 to change the message
  5. Start recording and press 2 when finished, followed by 3 to save.
  6. Your message is now changed.
  7. Select night service on the appropriate handset

Commander Connect Phone Systems

To change the existing voice mail greeting, you must be on the Attendant/Admin handset which is usually extension number 20 (However this may be changed to another extension that you use to check messages on.)

  1. Click the message key on top of the display.
  2. Click voice messaging then scroll down once to where it says “other”
  3. After you select that, the display will change and you can select Answering Machine.
  4. If the system asks for a password, it should be 1111 followed by the # key.
  5. After you enter the password you will be able to scroll down to Greeting and enter your new greeting followed by the save key.