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What is the NBN and
how will your business be affected

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With the Government making the
switch to the NBN is mandatory.

It will change everything. Getting the right internet connection for your business is one of the most important business decisions you will make this year.

This page covers what is actually happening to Australia's data and communication systems with the introduction of the NBN & explain everything you will need to know to get your business ready for the NBN.

What's Actually Changing With The Introduction Of The NBN?

The aim of the NBN rollout is to bring access to high internet speeds to businesses across Australia.

However, the NBN is more than just the internet - with the introduction of the NBN "all communications will move from running via analogue signals down your copper telephone lines, to digital, and run over your internet connection."

There are some slightly different technologies the government is using to deliver the NBN to businesses around the country. However, it doesn't make a huge difference which type of technology you are getting, you will have to take action to ensure all your devices are IP enabled and will work over the NBN. And the government has made moving to the NBN mandatory for every business (and home) across the country.

Every device that currently uses a phone line will be affected.
And every device will have to be IP enabled, this includes:

  • Your Phone Lines & Calls
  • Your Office Phone System
  • Your Fax Machine
  • Your EFTPOS Terminal
  • Your HICAPS Terminal
  • Your Security Systems
  • Your Internet Connection
  • & More
  • Your Phone Lines & Calls
  • Your Office Phone System
  • Your Fax Machine
  • Your EFTPOS Terminal
  • Your HICAPS Terminal
  • Your Security Systems
  • Your Internet Connection
  • & More

How Will The NBN Affect Your Business

As we mentioned above, the mandatory NBN rollout is replacing all of the existing telecommunications infrastructure across the country. In essence, this means that a lot of your existing services and technology will no longer work over the NBN network without proper planning.

In many cases, the cables that currently run your office phone lines and internet connection are essentially being ripped out and replaced. That means that everything that is connected to them, such as your phone system, EFTPOS terminals and fax machines, will no longer work as they currently do.

Just like the introduction of the GST,
the NBN isn't a choice.

Given the NBN rollout is happening and that making the switch is mandatory (whether you like it or not), sticking your head in the sand and trying to ignore it will not make it go away. In fact, it may very well do the opposite - you could end up with a huge problem on your hands if you do not prepare correctly.

Which Services Will Your Business Have To Purchase When You Move To The NBN

In the "old days" you would choose your line rental, call plans then ADSL internet plan in that order. However, when you switch to the NBN you will first choose your data provider, then choose your phone call plans and hardware after that.

Having a high quality, reliable internet connection will become critical to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently everyday.

The need to offer an integrated solution for you is why we chose to partner with the premium business carriage provider SpringCom. This means we can provide both business grade NBN/Fiber Internet, call plans & phone system hardware all in one bundle, or separately as needed for any business situation.

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How Will The NBN Affect Your Phone System

Your phone system will make phone calls sending digital signals - over the internet,
rather than analogue, this means your phone system must be IP enabled.

Will The NBN Mean You Have To Buy A New Phone System?

In most cases NO. Don't believe any of the myths flying around that everyone has to buy a new phone system, you don't. In a lot of cases you can use an inexpensive adapter called an ATA to turn an analog phone system into one that can run over the NBN.

However, moving to a fully IP phone system that uses VoIP & SIP technology is likely to save your business money. These days the phone system hardware tends to be inexpensive and is feature packed that is bringing massive productivity benefits to SMEs across Australia. Plus the month to month cost of running a phone system is greatly reduced with much cheaper 'line rental' and call rates vs a traditional phone system.

Infiniti's NBN Guarantee To You

Every phone system we sell is NBN Compatible, making it easy to transition to the NBN when it's available in your area. Plus if you choose to buy services from our carriage partner SpringCom you will be able to upgrade these to NBN services with no penalty.

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