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What Is A VoIP Phone System?

VoIP Phone Systems is the term used to describe phone systems that make calls via the internet (instead of traditional copper phone lines). VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol,and is the way we will all make phone calls as the country moves to the NBN and internet speeds increase. VoIP is popular with small businesses because it usually offers lower call rates than traditional copper phone line setups and so can save you money.

When people talk about VoIP phone systems, they are most likely thinking of a Hosted Cloud Phone System. However, VoIP systems can also be traditional, on premise phone systems. Whether Cloud Hosted or on premise, the most important factor is that the phone system has to be IP enabled.

Handset Options

Reception Phone

Perfect for receptionists, assistants and managers, the Polycom VVX400 handset offers crystal-clear voice quality with 6 line/speed dial keys that makes transferring and handling calls a breeze.

Executive Phone

The Polycom VVX300 is designed to bring advanced features to all levels of staff via it's easy-to-navigate menu and combination of 12 dedicated hard keys and 6 content sensitive soft keys on a backlit LCD display.

Computer SoftPhone w/ USB Headset

In this day and age, having a physical phone on your desk is so parse. The Computer SoftPhone option allows your team to manage all their phone calls via their Windows PC (Mac coming soon) and USB headset. Have all the benefits of a deskphone without the desk space.

Smartphone Connectivity

Have staff that are constantly out of the office "on the road"? The SmartPhone application for both Apple's iOS and Android devises, allows your team to be part of your phone system - answer, transfer, and make calls using their smart phones data connection. (No need for a desk phone!)

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