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Infiniti is your one stop shop for new phone systems. Whether you’re looking for your first small business phone system or a national rollout deploying the latest VoIP technology we have the expertise to make it simple, on time and on budget.

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Are you guaranteed to benefit from a new business phone system?

The answer is not a definitive yes – in spite of what other phone companies may be telling you. The truth of the matter, it’s different for every business. Sure new phone systems offer the latest SIP & VoIP technology and a plethora of great features but it has to make commercial sense and that’s the key. A new phone solution has to either save you lots of money or dramatically improve the way you work, or both ideally.

We’ve helped 1000’s of customers with business phone systems and in those cases, they were easy justified economic and productivity considerations. On the flip side, we’ve also helped as many customers to either keep/repair what they have. And when it comes to the NBN don’t believe the rumours, you do not have to buy a new phone system to get NBN Ready, in a lot of cases customers can just use an inexpensive analogue telephone adapter (ATA) to make their current system work with the NBN.

Bottom line is we’d love to help your company with a new business phone system but ONLY if it genuinely stacks up for your staff and your bottom line.

What’s really in a name anyway?

Every modern phone system for both small and big business now come packed with hundreds of features. Listen to any sales person and they’ll be quick to tell you why the brand they’re pushing is best. The reality is that most, if not all, the leading phone system brands deliver almost precisely the same features and benefits to 98% of buyers. It’s only the 2% of customers with unique needs where one phone system will do a particular task better than another, or at all.

Time and time again we hear from frustrated people that have had a great phone solution poorly deployed by another company. When we make some suggestions they invariably say, "I didn’t even know it could do that", "that was never explained to me" ..... In short, they wanted to sell something and then move on as quickly as possible with no genuine consideration for their customer. The best solution is far less about the brand and more about the care and thought that goes into tailoring the solution so your staff get the most from it.

Which technology is the smart choice?

With the rollout of the NBN, and all our communications moving from analogue to digital there are really two smart choices for businesses these days, Hybrid & Hosted Phone Systems. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as saying each type of system has its own special niche, or only one of them can do VoIP – they all can. In fact, there is a major technology overlap between the two options and your decision could be as simple as which type of technology you are most comfortable with.

For example, we have customers that want VoIP but also like the idea of having the system in their office (that’s a hybrid PABX). Whereas others really embrace IP technology and roll out secure hosted phone solutions. To simplify this we’ve put together a simple comparison table that shows what the various types of systems (not brands) can offer you. Our suggestion is to simply call and speak to our friendly experts so they can explain the different options and what the real-life implications are for your business.

Why should you choose Infiniti over other companies?

  • Everyday low pricing
  • Australia's only 100% money back guarantee
  • Huge range of new pabx and IP pbx from all the leading manufacturers like Avaya, Alcatel, Ericsson-LG, Yealink, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Commander and others...
  • One stop shop. Phone systems, phone lines, phone numbers, phone calls, internet, cabling, mobile phones, headsets and more...
  • Ongoing Support
  • Easy payment options
  • Everything is in writing and explained in plain English

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