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Save up to 70% off your current phone call rates!

Discount VoIP Call Options

Stop paying too much for your phone calls! By taking advantage of the latest VoIP and SIP technology provided by our SpringCom division, you can save on massively discounted call rates as well as cheaper overall service rental costs. Did you know you can get 10 VoIP phone lines for the same cost as only 4 Telstra lines?

This is stable, proven and ultra reliable technology that is now available to even the smallest business owner. So what are you waiting for? ... Another expensive phone bill?

Call our team today to discuss the options available, and tailor a rate plan to suit your business.


Example CAPPED Plan Option
(Call To Tailor The Best Plan For You)
Call Type Charges
Monthly Access Fee Per Line $50 per line
Local Calls All Included
National Calls All Included
Calls to Australian Mobiles All Included
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers All Included
Example PAYG Plan
(Call To Tailor The Best Plan For You)
Call Type Charges
Monthly Access Fee Per Line $8 per line
Local Calls 8c per call unlimited
National Calls 8c per call unlimited
Calls to Australian Mobiles 8c per 30 sec
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers 38.5c per call

Will VoIP work with my current system?

Yes...and the good news is it's very straightforward. Speak to one of our VoIP experts and you can see what type of VoIP connection is best for you (VoDSL, ATA, SIP, etc). From there we coordinate everything and arrange for a tech to connect your new VoIP services to your phone system. There'll be no change in the way your phone system operates - just the way the phone calls are transmitted to the world outside your office.

Whether your system is 1-, 5- or 10-years old, if you have a current phone system working on traditional analog (PSTN) phone lines you can still slash your phone bill by switching to VoIP technology.

By using a device referred to as an ATA, you can have VoIP lines installed into your office and have that signal 'converted' into the analog signal your current phone system understands.

It really is that simple. Unfortunately most providers won't tell you this because they want to sell you a brand new system and they may lose income on the more expensive phone calls too.

I already have a SIP compatible phone system

If you're running a phone system that was purchased in the last 2 years there is a high chance that your system should be SIP compliant. SIP is arguably the ultimate form of VoIP and will afford you the greatest call savings.

By running a SIP-enabled system, such as Avaya IP Office 500 PBX , LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK pbx, CISCO or other leading solutions, you simply connect the SIP trunk to your system. You simply need to ensure your IP Pbx system is correctly licensed for the number of SIP trunks (phone lines) you are going to have and away you go.

SIP trunks don't just offer reduced phone call rates. SIP is a form of VoIP and it allows a potentially unlimited number of concurrent phone calls. This means that you no longer have to rent individual phone lines like you do with Telstra. To put the savings in perspective, for the same price you currently pay for 3 Telstra phone lines (monthly rental), you can get about 10 SIP phone lines. That's how impressive the savings are.

This cost saving alone can equate to hundreds of dollars a month, and for businesses with 5 or more lines it can offset the cost of an entirely new SIP-enabled phone system.

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