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Transform your small office into a professional one

A phone system will transform your business. Having a phone system in place is not simply about making and receiving calls, but will change the way you work entirely. Using a micro phone system will allow your small or home office to function and communicate like a large company, at a low cost! Bring integrated communications to your business and keep your business online both in the office and on the go.

Important Things To Consider

Which type of Home Office Phone System is right for you?

Choosing a home office phone system can be a daunting task, and we are often met by customers who have been pushed into buying complex systems that are high cost, convoluted and not right for their business. Therefore, it is important that you as the customer are aware of the types of phone systems available and what they can do for your business.

There are two types of home office phone systems available to you:

Hybrid IP PBX System

A Hybrid phone system offers traditional digital handsets, phone lines, and the latest IP technology; allowing you to take advantage of VoIP and SIP. Like traditional phone systems, the brains of Hybrid Phone Systems are located in a box in your office, and all system handsets connect to this box.

Hybrid Phone Systems work over both the traditional copper phone network or the internet. Therefore, whether you have enough bandwidth to take advantage of VoIP & SIP technology today or not, Hybrid Systems are NBN ready. If you already have NBN or good enough bandwidth for SIP then you can utilise this straight away - if not, then you can use copper phone lines and migrate when better bandwidth becomes available. Hybrid Phone Systems also allow you to add features and users as needed.

SpringCom Hosted System

A hosted system, also known as a Cloud PBX phone system is an IP phone system where all the phone calls are made using the internet. The brains of a hosted phone system live in the cloud, so each handset on the system just needs to be connected to the internet to be part of the phone system. Hosted phone systems are feature packed, and whether you have 1 handset or 1000, you get exactly the same features. They are also very cost effective solutions for home office setups as Hosted Phone Systems, don't require much, if any upfront investment in hardware.

There is no 'one size fits all' solution for micro or home office phone solutions, and that is exactly why we offer a range of phone systems. Good bandwidth was traditionally something only large businesses could access, but the NBN rollout has opened up many opportunities, especially when it comes to micro phone systems. And this availability of better bandwidth has meant we have seen a shift to Hosted Phone Systems for home office users.

Another factor in this shift towards using cloud/hosted phone systems is that this solution is extremely affordable and a fully managed product. So for those small businesses without IT departments they can utilize the 24/7 unlimited support without worrying about the extra costs and anomalies that a larger phone system may incur.

The decision is ultimately yours, so call our friendly experts and help us to find you the ideal solution for your business.

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Is A Home Office Phone System Different From A Big One?

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A question that we are asked often is whether there is a large difference between home office phone systems and larger phone systems that are used in bigger companies. The short answer is - no.

For Hybrid PBX Systems there can be a very small difference in the niche features that are available in the main PBX box of a micro system and a large corporate phone system. However, every hybrid system we offer today is NBN ready and has full VoIP and SIP functionality, and has many great features to make your business communications run smoothly.

When it comes to a hosted phone system whether the phone system has 1 or 1000 users, the accessible features remain the same. So, your small business can have the same features and functionality of a large company, resulting in improved productivity, cost effectiveness and professional sounding calls.

How Will The NBN Affect Home Office Phone Systems?

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The big change with the move to the NBN for home office phone systems, is that all of our communications, including phone calls. will run over the internet, rather than analogue copper phone lines. This means phone calls will move from analogue to digital and use VoIP and SIP. And instead of needing multiple copper phone lines, micro phone systems will just need a single internet connection to make and receive calls.

Many customers have been told that they will have to have a complete upgrade and overhaul their current analogue systems. This is actually a common misconception. NBN voice can run on older style phone systems - you simply need to purchase an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) to enable this. The ATA adapter sits between the old phone system and the new NBN internet connection, converting the data so that your business can run NBN voice.

NBN voice is the process of running VoIP over an NBN internet connection. VoIP has been around almost a decade, and it runs calls over the internet, much like Skype. To utilise NBN voice you can either use a Hybrid Pbx, using SIP trunking or a cloud based phone system, which uses cloud technology to make VoIP calls. VoIP calls can run on NBN and other Fiber connections, but can also work over ADSL in many cases in a micro phone system setup. With the introduction of NBN, customers can access a higher bandwidth at a lower cost and so this is why more people are using hybrid and cloud based systems.

Speak to Infiniti now for more information on this.

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What Phone Lines Should I Get For My Home Office?

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There is no one best phone line for every person. Although many customers talk about VoIP and SIP as a way of saving money, the situation differs from office to office. The money saving aspect of VoIP really depends on how many phone lines you have and the type of calls you typically make. There are some basic VoIP services, however the call quality on these services is average, for example Skype Numbers. The best quality of VoIP, known as SIP trunking, provides the user with business grade call quality - this option is a higher cost to get set up, however, the call rates are better than the basic VoIP services.

As we have mentioned previously, all of our customers are making the move to run their communications over the internet. If NBN is available in your area, then an NBN connection is the way forward for your business. In the case that NBN is not available, copper PSTN may be the best option for now, and you can easily migrate to the NBN when it rolls out in your area.

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How Many Phone Lines Should My Home Office Have?

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The number of phone lines that your home office needs will vary. Think about how many concurrent phone calls you want to be able to make/receive. Generally, for micro businesses we would advise a minimum of two phone lines, either on traditional hardware systems or VoIP.

With traditional hardware, for every physical copper line you add, it will give you the ability to make/receive another call. With a VoIP/SIP Hybrid or Hosted Phone System setup running over an internet connection, you cannot see phone lines as everything is coming through just 1 internet connection so it can be difficult to comprehend why there is a need for multiple lines. Put simply, each phone line in your phone system is a SIP license, and to get more phone lines you just need to add more SIP licenses to the phone system. These licenses allow you, the customer, to have concurrent VoIP calls.

Are There Special Requirements For Home Office Phone Systems?

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Yes. In most cases both digital and IP solutions need cables run to each desk location that will have a phone, however there are some newer Wi-Fi enabled handsets coming onto the market. If you've only been using cordless phones up to this point then you may not have this in place. This cabling work is charged separately by any phone company and really depends on your office layout and complexity of the cabling required as to the cost.

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Should I Have IP Or Digital Handsets On The Phone System?

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The main difference between Digital and IP Handsets is that Digital Handsets are a fraction cheaper than IP Handsets. Both handsets have comparable features, with IP Handsets offering just a little extra functionality.

Again, the right phone for you depends on your personal business needs. If you have a number of people working remotely, then IP handsets are right for you, as they automatically re-register back into the system when plugged in to an internet connection.

As for setting up the phones in your home office - Digital Handsets can run off existing cabling and do not need to use the internet. IP Handsets can jump onto your existing internet connection and so do not require any additional cabling.

There are cordless phones, however, if they were not designed specifically for the phone system then they will have very limited functionality, which is not ideal for business! But there is another solution - soft phone apps. A soft phone app is a app similar to Skype that can be installed on your computer. The soft phone apps mean there is no need for hardware and they have all the functionality of a premium handset.

All of this information can be confusing as it does depend on the type of calls your business is making, and your existing office setup. Give us a call to discuss your needs!

What If Your Business Grows In The Future?

Image of two phones together

Whichever type of phone system you choose, it will have expansion options available. If you have a hosted phone system you can add a pre-programmed handset to the system and add another SIP licence and you are all sorted.

If you are using a traditional phone system and you have more handsets than ports available, you may be at a loss as how to address this. There are two ways that you can solve this problem. The first is called 'daisy chaining'. Instead of having the ethernet cable running from the modem to the computer, you plug the cable directly from the modem to the handset. Then, run a smaller cable from the handset to the computer. The entire network runs on this one cable.

The second option is to get a 'switch'. A switch is an expansion module for ports on a modem, allowing more devices to be plugged in. Switches can hold anywhere from 8 to 24 ports, allowing a large number of ports to be plugged into the same network.

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Is It Smarter To Rent, Lease Or Buy Your Hone System?

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We do not want to say that one option is suitable for all businesses, as it all depends upon your own needs. If you do want to purchase outright then you can of course buy all of the hardware upfront. Alternatively, you can purchase a monthly bundle which includes the handset and the call package.

Please give us a call to find the right solution for you and your business.

Micro Phone Systems Brands

Choosing the right micro phone system has never been easier with our range of leading brands, everyday low pricing and one stop service. Plus all our phone systems are backed by Australia's only 14 day 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind. Just click on a brand below to find out more.

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