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Hosted Cloud Phone Systems

Hosted Phone Systems are the technology that thousands of our customers are moving to.

But Why? The low cost, ease of use and increased data speed's the NBN rollout is bring to small businesses is making it an easy option for companies across country when it comes to looking at new phone systems.

How Do Hosted Cloud Phone Systems Work?

In order to help you understand how a Cloud Hosted PBX system will work in your office, we've put together this handy video.

You may hear Hosted Phone systems referred to in a number of ways, including Virtual Phone Systems, VoIP or SIP Phone Systems, Cloud Phone Systems, or Cloud Based Systems.

A Hosted Solution means all of your Phone System data, programming, and features are stored 'in the cloud', and there isn't a large PABX box located in your office. These are the ultimate NBN Ready Phone Systems because they rely on quality internet to function at their best, and the NBN provides just that.

In the past, Hosted Phone Systems were reserved for large companies that could afford to run a dedicated, high speed internet connection to their office. The NBN rollout means that high speed data services are now affordable for small businesses, and they too can now access the speed required to run a Hosted Phone solution.

Why Are Small Businesses Moving To Hosted Cloud Phone Systems?

Over the past few years hundreds of our clients have moved to a hosted phone system, ditching their traditional phone that ran over the analogue copper phone network. Here is why:

  • The brains of the phone system live in the cloud (just like your average email account stores all of your emails, only more secure),
  • Features can be added remotely for free without a visit to your office,
  • Extra handsets can be added easily as your staff expands, with no need for anyone to visit your office on site visits,
  • You can connect to your Hosted Cloud PBX from anywhere - just plug in your pre-programmed handset into any internet connection and you are connected to the phone system and good to go,
  • Remote staff can be included in your phone system in just a few minutes, by simply plugging in a handset to any internet connection.

How Will The NBN Affect Your Phone
System & Other Devices In The Office?

View The Small Business Guide To The NBN

Hosted Phone Systems Features

With the SpringCom fully-hosted cloud based phone system you'll get access to a featurerich phone system across ALL the handsets on your system.

Dedicated Phone Number Per User

In order to manage incoming call traffic effectively you need to be able to transfer calls quickly and efficiently. A phone system lets you do this at a touch, letting any handset user direct callers to the right extension with ease. In this way your callers will receive a positive, professional image of your company while your staff can remain productive throughout their day.

Call Park, Hold + Pickup

The most commonly used button on your new handset will be the ‘hold’ button – and with good reason. It’s essential for smooth, professional handling of calls.

Call Transfer

In order to manage incoming call traffic effectively you need to be able to transfer calls quickly and efficiently. This is one of the key reasons people upgrade to a proper phone system because they get tired of throwing the cordless back and forth.

Full Auto Attendant

For some home offices wanting to present a BIG image then an auto attendant can be ideal. It answers the calls and gives options for different extensions with your company. You may only have 3 staff but you sound like you’ve got 100.

Call Waiting

If another caller is calling you will be able to place the caller on hold and take the second call. If you choose not to answer it will simply go to voicemail. You can then retrieve your voicemail as an email or on your phone for free anyway - wherever you are.

Music On Hold

When callers are placed on hold they can hear professional messages or music that you choose. It is simply uploaded to the host as a .WAV file and will play automatically when required.

Voicemail To Email

For many people in small business they are often out and about and not always at their desks. No matter where you are your voicemail can now be sent to your email. This means if you have a smart phone you’ll be able to listen to your office emails on your mobile phone, laptop or IPAD.

Day & Night Greetings

Most systems include day & night greetings as standard to ensure your callers receive a polished, professional impression of your company, first time, any time. If you receptionist(s) are busy on calls the system will overflow and answer the call.

Call Flow Hunt Groups

You can nominate which inbound numbers call to which staff members. You can work out overflow groups as well as advanced Auto Attendant that can call a sales group of staff if you "Press 1 for sales" etc. It’s simple and easily configured for however you want to handle your inbound call flows.

Extension Dialling

You can easily dial any extension (staff member) in or out of the office at no charge that is connected to the host and part of your solution. This includes staff that have the SIP application loaded on their mobile phones. If you call and they answer on their mobile SIP number it is also free - a great way to reduce costs.

Call Recording

Record, play and store your calls for up to 2 weeks. You can also email each recording to a nominated call recording address

Call Reporting

Monitor usage, check numbers and create itemised real-time inbound and outbound reports for the current and previous months.

Fully Managed

Don't worry, you don't need to be a tech guru as our Melbourne based tech team are available 24/7 to make adds, moves and changes for you whenever you like.

Dial In Conference Calls

Host on-demand dial-in conference calls, secured with an inbound phone number and pin.

Additional Inbound Phone Number

Cost effective additional direct-in-dial phone numbers for departments, teams or marketing reporting

Additional Inbound + Outbound Line (Channels)

Additional phone lines for callers on hold are available at a fraction of the traditional costs.

Virtual Fax-2-Email

Save the phone line, save the paper and take your inbound and outbound faxing virtual.

1300 Inbound Numbers

Create the right professional image with a 1300 number, and receive 200 inbound minutes per month.

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There is a wide selection of phone handsets you to choose from for your Hosted Cloud Phone Systems.

One important thing to note about hosted cloud phone systems is that unlike traditional phone systems where a lot of the phone systems ability would be in the handset. Hosted Cloud systems brains are in the cloud, and the handsets act more like keyboards and features are added to the system by your provider to your setup in the cloud.

The popular handsets that go with the SpringCom Hosted Phone System are the Yealink range of handsets.

They have a range of traditional deskphone, and wireless handset options as well.

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